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Messenger marketing: The next frontier for business growth

Heroleads Messenger Marketing
The Messenger trend is booming, not only privately, but also on a business level. Users are adopting the messenger tool of various providers and platforms, including Line, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and even Web Chat. This emerging trend certainly provides a great opportunity for digital marketers to take advantage of! Considering the fact that within the next two years, approximately 85% of customer-business relationships will be through technology, today I will talk about messenger systems and how they can be used as a communication and sales channel in digital commerce. What is Messenger Marketing? Messenger marketing is simply using Messenger systems like WhatsApp, Line, Facebook Messenger & Co. to communicate with users. Messenger can be a real alternative to e-mail and other marketing channels by utilizing several available attractive digital tools in the market. Messenger in E-commerce Have you ever experienced the pain of waiting for several hours to get a reply on the phone or by email? Messenger marketing can make this a thing of the past by offering an alternative solution, which is faster, easily acceptable and individually possible. Performance of Messenger campaigns above average One of the advantages of messenger campaigns over e-mails is definitely that the messenger tool is accepted easily in society and has long been integrated into everyday life. Messenger campaigns achieve opening rates of over 80 percent and click rates are also much better than compared with e-mail marketing. Chatbots for more effective Messenger Marketing A large number of different messenger systems lead to various different requirements and implementation scenarios from clients. Thus, chatbots emerge as a very elegant and efficient way to implement messenger communication systems which perfectly match buyer & seller demands. Examples of some such scenarios include: “Customer loyalty, Customer support, Sales (direct and indirect), Interaction, FAQ (Chatbot answers when using a certain keyword or phrase, a predefined text and sends it to the recipient), etc.” Messenger marketing can also generate sales! Messengers are certainly a user-friendly communication technology, but sales is an altogether different and an equally crucial parameter for marketers. To drive sales, clients should experiment with various promotions, like voucher codes, so that marketers can handover it to the clients and make messenger marketing measurable. It’s extremely important to measure the campaign performance on different channels and decide which channels are more effective and which are not. Nevertheless, a message can be supported by various call-to-actions such as animated GIFs, videos, smileys and many more. Audio messages are also possible. This combination of attractive items could play an essential role in the future, as spoken words make a greater impact than pure text messages. Empower your campaign with Messenger Marketing. Messenger marketing may be at the nascent stage at present but it has gained immense popularity in the e-commerce field in a very short span of time. This innovation has compelled online retailers to figure out how to integrate such services into their businesses to enjoy a sky-rocketing sale. Distinguish yourself from the red ocean and bind customers more closely to your own company with messenger marketing!

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Heroleads Google Awards
Heroleads Google Awards

Writen by Carlo Herold

Carlo Herold is the CEO and Co-Founder at Heroleads Asia.
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