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Another year is coming to an end… so this is the time for automotive brands to get serious about launching online campaigns to achieve your KPI! Short of ideas? Today we present the best ever case studies from American automotive brands.
Read carefully and you may figure out that behind every brand’s success is creativity and the ‘know-how’ to select the best media to approach new generation.
Explore these incredible ideas:
1.Chevrolet and the “Best Day Ever” Campaign.
To attract Millennials through a more ‘modern’ rebranding, Chevrolet launched a digital campaign #BestDayEver, inviting famous influencers and celebrities to do something special for April Fools’ day.
The joining celebrities included Alec Baldwin and Olivia Wilde, who surprised an audience by disguising themselves as part-time lecturers, while Kelly Clarkson held a concert for brand new moms.

Moreover, Chevrolet and YouTube joined together to launched 8 hours of continuous live streaming to broadcast all the activities. They successfully engaged 75% of users aged under 35 years, whereas the hashtag #BestDayEver was tagged 15 million times.
Takeaway: Influencers possibly create more brand awareness if you select the right one. Don’t forget to put creativity and humour into your campaign as well.
2.Mustang – “Speed Dating”

Ford Mustang went viral on Valentine’s day by launching a ‘Speed Dating’ campaign which engaged more than 12.8 millions users on YouTube.
Guys often underestimate female drivers, but Mustang proved them totally wrong by pranking them on a date with a beautiful professional stunt driver! On the fake dating show, guys were invited to join a girl on her drive.
At first, the dudes acted all macho, one offers to drive so he could show her “what this thing can do.” But after accelerating and showing these dudes some crazy, high-speed driving straight out of an action movie, everyone was stunned and realised that she was no ordinary girl.
Takeaway: Video Content is an excellent choice to increase engagement and explain more detail beyond texts.
3.CarMax – ‘Caring Tree’

CarMax is a leading American Automotive brand. It successfully launched two stores into the new markets of Boston and Massachusetts by launching a powerful campaign combining technology and social media. CarMax partnered with a non-profit organisation based in Boston who provide homeless or hard up children with essential items.
Through the campaign, CarMax set up an interactive tree display, which allowed customers to use iPads to select a gift for a child in need, including winter clothes and accessories. This campaign successfully generated 7.9 million impressions, 425 engagements and 683K video views.
Takeaway: Successful campaigns require the combination of various marketing tools to generate the expected result. Moreover, bringing people together creates a sense of community and gives them the opportunity to talk.
Heroleads give first priority to strategy when managing our client’s account. We choose the right marketing tools to match your objectives within the budget, to penetrate the target market and drive your business to success.

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