How Heroleads helped WS Bathroom increase revenue by 8X in ecommerce

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WS signed up with Heroleads to maximize website traffic along with increasing sales and revenue growth.


Company Background 

The WS Bathroom (Where Beauty Meets Strength) is operated under Rely (Thailand) Co., Ltd; one of the leading faucet manufacturers in Thailand, the largest manufacturers, and distributors of kitchen and bathroom accessories, with over 500 retail outlets nationwide and partners in over 20 countries around the world. 




WS brand aspired to expand its footprints in the fast-growing online market with wider audience size. They also wanted to change consumers’ shopping behavior by driving more traffic to their online shopping platform and gaining more sales. 



In the beginning, Heroleads provided the WS brand with an overall view of customer engagement, activities, and usage. Besides managing marketplace operations and store management, we also activated lead generation campaigns for finding B2B sales for architecture projects, including return on investment. Additionally, the CPAS best practice banner was created for WS to improve CTR. Furthermore, we recommended a better structure of website and marketing solutions for e-commerce, which included promotion planning and product strategy to improve total marketing performance.




After Heroleads introduced various marketing solutions for E-commerce to WS, our full-funnel media strategy has enabled the client to successfully increase revenue, ROI, and CTR including the return of ROAS. The WS brand also gained more customer insights which can be applied to further develop future online business strategies. Moreover, WS has achieved high customer engagement rates that drove both awareness and conversion including other KPIs that led to better marketing performance.

Adam Lahmuddin

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