How Heroleads helped Boncafe achieve a higher AOV and ROI

Boncafe performance marketing for ecommerce


Boncafe wanted a marketing partner that would not only manage their campaigns but also increase the Return on Investment. 




Boncafe (Thailand) is a business provider with the One-Stop Coffee Solution and currently is a part of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group. From the long 30 years of experience within the coffee business industry and over 24 branches across the country.




The main objective of Boncafe was to increase its market share and maximize its sales through B2C (Business to Customer). The increase in coffee demand around the world has led to a dramatic rise in coffee consumption in Thailand. As a result, the market for coffee producers is highly competitive. In addition, Boncafe planned to expand service locations and showrooms throughout the country in order to improve brand visibility and capture more leads. In addition, Boncafe needed a skilled marketing partner that can help them with different categories of marketing campaigns including offering various strategies. They also need a marketing partner who can build the brand’s image in order to attract more customers.




Heroleads Asia started with the focus to increase the ROI, Conversion Rate, and AOV via marketing analytics for Boncafe Thailand. In order to increase these KPIs, we worked in different stages and enhanced the key performance indicators by applying these marketing analytic tools: Modern Search and Smart Bidding.

One of the core components of the long-term project was a restructured and reorganized campaign set up. We also created a new design pattern to help organize and manage the flow of data. The redesigned set up made it easier to monitor, optimize and measure the campaigns on a regular basis.



Within two months, Heroleads was effectively able to help increase Boncafe’s revenue including other KPIs. For the months of January and February, where historically we see a drop, there was an increase in average order value, which also contributed to an increase in revenue. Heroleads’ proactive marketing strategy helped improve Boncafe’s brand visibility and the company was able to attract more customers, especially in the B2C market. Heroleads also helped Boncafe develop marketing plans along with an appropriate strategy for each campaign, which can serve as a guide for future planning. As a result, Boncafe has trusted Heroleads to handle its marketing campaigns and is looking forward to achieving growth together in the future.

Kalyakorn Maswongssa

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