How Heroleads helped decrease cost per lead by 76% for a leading telecom service provider

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Our client is one of Thailand’s top 3 major telecommunications service providers, which has been in business for a long time and is well-regarded in the industry. The clients approached us with a brand-new product line marketed under a newly developed brand with plenty of options in a highly competitive market.


The Challenge

In order to achieve a successful result quickly, the clients decided to look for a digital marketing specialist or an expert who could guarantee a successful result as soon as possible. These are the key goals that the clients wish to achieve urgently :


Our Approach

Heroleads team started working with the client right away to conduct a detailed audit of existing brand communications, past data and campaign performance. Our team conducted additional market research, branding, competitor analysis, and matched that with the client’s deep knowledge of its product. A Heroleads specialist also came up with a target persona to match the client’s perspective in order to craft a full funnel of creatives, content strategy, and digital media as well as determining KPIs. In addition, Heroleads imposed the details of each content and artwork to coordinate with each target persona, moreover the suitable online ads were set to correlate within the segment of cross-channel marketing.


Heroleads implemented the full funnel marketing strategy from the very beginning of the process until the very end, with the media optimization experts closely monitoring the entire process in order to improve the number of conversions. Moreover, the creative & content team managed customer insight alongside media optimization experts in order to optimize the artwork and to ensure that the data and description for each product accurately matched the target persona in order to achieve a balanced and effective ad spend.


One of Heroleads’ s key ingredients for success was its systematic and effective management of audience groups. Groups of audience derived from both organic and paid channels were used to apply retargeting to enhance a better customer journey by allowing potential customers to provide their personal information.


The Results

By applying an effective strategy of full funnel lead generation, Heroleads was able to lower the client’s cost per lead by 76% within 5 months. As a result, 81% of leads generated by Heroleads were qualified leads, which were passed on to the sales team for further conversion.


As another key to success, Heroleads developed a concept of customer acquisition based on data-driven decisions along with the technology solutions to improve company performance. Heroleads team was trusted with utilizing first-party data for online campaigns and also as a strategic consultant for enhancing lead generation with the goal of developing lead nurturing.



Adam Lahmuddin

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