How Heroleads helped increase ROAS by 89% for a renowned online retailer

Offline & online retailers EN-01

One of the largest offline & online retailers & mall operators in Thailand.



  • ROAS increased 89% 

(ROAS 4.23 vs. 7.99 | CPA 251 vs. 105)


Dynamic Search Ads campaigns 

  • ROAS improved 30X! 

(ROAS 0.25 vs. 8 | CPA 1,378 vs. 492)



During the 3rd wave of Covid in Thailand, the client’s eCommerce ROAS had been higher than usual (since offline shops were closed). However, once shops were open again, the ROAS for digital marketing campaigns dropped to pre-lockdown levels. The client challenged our team to find a way to enhance ROAS post-lockdown to the same level it was during the lockdown.


Our Approach

Based on our eCommerce Playbook best practices, in order to enhance ROAS, a proper campaign structure can be critical. Hence, the initial implementation included major campaign restructuring optimal for Google Modern Search’s algorithm with the advanced Modern Search setting. 

After the initial campaign, we offered the client to restructure DSA  (Dynamic Search Ads) campaigns. We added all keywords in standard search campaigns to the client’s DSA campaign. Our goal was to ensure DSA campaigns won’t trigger traffic from their search campaigns.


Adam Lahmuddin

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