Heroleads’ smart campaigns and analytics helped increase ROAS by 150% for a leading retail company

Heroleads' smart campaigns and analytics helped increase ROI by 150% for a leading retail company.-01

The client is an online and offline retail company focusing on consumer electronics such as laptops and smartphones. The company has more than 333 stores.



  • ROAS Increased by 150%
    (220x in 2022 compared with 88x in 2021)
  • AOV increased 12% compared with 2021



Heroleads was contacted by a client who was having trouble building strong ROI-positive campaigns. Despite running paid media campaigns on several channels, they weren’t able to determine their marketing strategy’s right campaign structure and audience approach.


Specifically, they were looking for someone who could act as a dedicated digital consultant, focusing on new strategies to build campaigns with strong ROI and long-term success.



To better understand the right marketing approach and track the website’s performance, we first revamped the tracking infrastructure by setting up a data layer. Using the data layer to track all aspects of website analytics helped us understand different sources and conversion paths, which allowed us to better understand drop-offs and identify ways to increase conversions. To prepare for the full deployment of Google Analytics 4 in 2023, we have also assisted the client in moving from Google Analytics 3 to Google Analytics 4.


Using Heroleads eCommerce playbook, we restructured their Facebook and Google ads to drive repetitive performance. Additionally, we experimented with new Google features such as smart shopping. We also ran experiments and helped the client’s design team to come up with A/B test creatives in order to help optimize performance.


We utilized the client’s first-party data by segmenting by basket size, frequency, and spending in order to locate the appropriate audience. This methodology supported the overall campaign growth and included valuable data assets in the paid media campaign. 

Adam Lahmuddin

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