Increasing sales by 200% on Shopee and Lazada with Double Digit Campaigns.

Double Digit Campaigns Case Study-01

Our Client, a Korean street fashion brand, is sold in Thailand by leading online and offline retailers. Korea’s leading fashion sportswear brand is growing its eCommerce sales on multiple channels in Thailand. One of their key focus channels is marketplaces.  The client has been focussed on eCommerce marketplaces such as Shopee and Lazada.



After onboarding with Heroleads, the client saw-

  • 187% Sales  Target achievement for 11.11 Campaigns 
  • 234% Sales target achievement for 8.8 Campaigns.



The client wanted a performance marketing agency to help build strong sales focussed campaigns to help boost revenue during the double-digit days (8.8 and 11.11 Campaigns). It was difficult for the client’s in-house team to find the right strategy and achieve the results they wanted.



Upon analyzing the overall marketing strategy of our client, we realized that even though the market had significant demand. The company needed help to increase awareness and drive sales with a holistic campaign. Hence, our approach had three critical elements to it-


1. Increase potential audience pool with teaser campaigns

Our strategy was to create multiple teaser ads to create awareness for the special discounts that will be provided during the double-digit campaign day. We produced several creative formats including Single Images, Photo albums, videos, and promotional content.  Additionally, we included Influencer generated content in this phase of the campaign to increase trust in Korean fashion products.


The posts focused on creating Awareness, Traffic, and Reach before the double-digit campaign day. With this campaign strategy, we created a large audience pool that was ready to convert on the actual double-digit campaign date. We assured that the target audience had multiple touchpoints with the brand before the actual campaign date. The more engaged the user, the more likely to be converted to sales.


2. Double Digit Day Campaign

CPAS (Collaborative Performance Advertising Solution) On Facebook & Instagram and Traffic campaigns were prioritized on the double-digit days, encouraging consumers to return to their ATC (Add to Cart) on each platform and encouraging them to complete their purchases during the holiday. 


3. Analytics and Data Management

As part of our analytics tracking ecosystem, we also identified users who had already engaged with each post, each website visit, and each engagement, so that we could push more for those users in order to drive higher conversion rates. This data and segmentation strategy will support the growth of future double-digit campaign days. 


We were also able to get feedback frequently from the client on the performance of Awareness, ATC, and Sales Campaigns, so we could respond quickly to every crucial moment or every opportunity to achieve the target.

Adam Lahmuddin

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