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Expert insights from Heroleads Performance Optimizer team: Drive business success

Heroleads optimizer team

To launch an online marketing campaign businesses need to consider a variety of factors from targeting, strategy planning, and budget spending. The bottom line, your outcomes will tell you if you did it correctly.

  In the digital world success can be measured by statistic and numbers so businesses have greater expectations when it comes to campaigns. Not only to generate clicks but also sales. This article reveals the secrets of how our Performance Optimizer Team at Heroleads creates numerous potential campaigns and has won the honor of Performance Excellence Agency Award from Google Thailand. We interviewed the Hero team behind this award winning strategy: Khun Tee-PornPen Kaewsaeksun, Head of Operations, Khun Pook-Prapairat Meechai, SEM Specialist Manager and Khun May-Jiraporn Raksri, Social Media Specialist to find out the keys to success. What is a Performance Optimizer? And what makes their role important when it comes to online marketing at Heroleads?   Tee: Performance Optimizers are very specialized individuals. It might be a new term for some people, they may not understand what the role entails and why it is so important. Let me give you an example, if we look at Account Managers (AM) they are individuals who are frontstage, connecting with customers. Performance Optimizers operate backstage and take care of the online strategy and campaign on Google, Social Media, and through Advertising Optimization. Bringing the customer’s dream to life. Performance Optimizers also ensure that campaigns are successful, delivering the correct outcomes that align with expected Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Return on Investment (ROI).  
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Pornpen Kaewseksan
Our team needs both experience and hard work to succeed online since each channel has different characteristics and requires different marketing strategies. So we have one member who has a deep understanding in a very specific platform that’s ready to share their insights with us. What’s Advertising Optimization and how does it boost online sales?   May: As a Social Media Specialist who has a wealth of online experience, we know the importance of focusing on Advertising Optimization since it can track and control campaigns to meet customer’s expectation. For example, changing a single image or single text on a Facebook campaign may attract a new audience.

“Launching your campaign without tracking is like driving with your eyes closed.”

Jiraporn Raksri
  Pook: It is the same on Google as well except there is a different way to optimize. For a Google search campaign, the biggest challenge is selecting the right keyword to for the right target.

“What is your business selling? We have to put ourselves in the shoes of our customer – do keyword research and find out how customers search for your product. This is an effective way to increase your ROI.”

  Yes, actually customers can do our job but they may not have enough experience and knowledge when it comes to online marketing. We are Google Premier Partners for a reason, both because of our passion, but also because we learn about beta programs and updates before the general public. What mistakes do businesses make when launching a campaign by themselves?   May: Normally, it is a planning and management problem. They don’t know when and how to launch a campaign and when to change it. They also need to ask questions like – should this campaign run on every social media platform? For example, on Facebook the more text you have in your post, the more expensive it is to promote. Facebook also has a policy that forbids inappropriate pictures such as nudes, gambling or other violations. It’s hard for business owners to know about these complicated rules and it leads to a lot of wasted time when they have to correct again and again. Pook: People normally bid for generic keywords on Google, such as bidding on the word, “Condo” as a keyword if they want to sell a condominium. This bidding is unproductive since there are a ton of condos in Thailand so you need to scope down to a specific area and show the advertising to real potential customers only. In another case a customer was bidding on, “whitening cream” as a keyword to sell a facial cream but they overlooked the subcategories of, “cream.” Including cream for sensitive, oily or  other types of skin types. The more specific your keywords, the better results you’ll have.
prapairat meechai
Prapairat Meechai
Do you have any techniques to help us launch the right campaign to the right audiences?   May: Before starting any project, we have a discussion with our customers to figure out who is in their ideal target market. Then we create a Buyer Persona to build an audience profile, and launch the campaign to that specific group. For Facebook, you can specify your target thoroughly, from “like and share” behavior, gender, age, profession, interests, or even the last location they visited. Pook: For Google, there are three important factors. The first one is picking Keywords that perfectly match customer’s search terms. The second is great content that catches the interest and attention of the ideal customer. Lastly, a powerful Landing Page that is strongly related to customer demands. This includes loading page speed as well since most customers today searching via mobile. Mobile-friendly websites are another factor to improve Google rankings as well as user experience (UX). How is Heroleads different from other agencies?   Tee: We have a team of online marketing experts who have a wealth of experience across a variety of businesses, we also share knowledge to each other and most importantly, we work on Performance Base.

“We are not an agency, but we are consultants who think in the shoes of the customer. We help them maximize their return on investment, not just awareness, but also sales.”

We define, “Performance Base” as measurable performance that shows every result in numbers or statistics. We also provide a Herobase platform that allows customers to check performance on their own in real-time and a Live Dashboard which shows Data and Outcomes. Customers these days have expertise in digital tools so the platform helps them monitor and can pull information into their CRM program. Can you tell me a little about your achievements?   Pook: One of our customers never did online marketing. They sell multipurpose roofs for trucks and depended on word on mouth and referrals only. In their case, we used Google – they found out that numerous customers were searching for their products online. This meant they were able to utilize that platform to increase their number of requests and sales. In another case study, we utilized an online campaign to help a real estate business sell 20 condominiums in just a month. May: Some of our clients worked with us, saw great results, and then decided to hire their own in-house team. But they’ve come back to work with us after their in-house team wasn’t able to generate their expected sales and reach. So we help them to optimize everything once again to get the results they are looking for.

“We are experienced consultants who take a tailored approach when it comes to online marketing, so we know good and bad practices. Which content is going to be viral and which target you should focus on.”

  Tee: If it comes to our achievements, we can measure it by metrics but we also measure our success by hearing feedback from clients. We love to challenge our teams with difficult cases and go beyond expected KPIs. This is our pride to help our customers to get the result they want and see their businesses grow into what they always dreamed of.

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Heroleads Google Awards
Heroleads Google Awards
Heroleads Google Awards

Writen by Rekha Rawat

Experienced Senior Marketing Strategist with a demonstrated history of working in market research and digital marketing industry. Passionate for both professional and creative writing as well as project & strategic management. Excels at creating marketing strategies, campaigns to execute strategic plans, making high-quality reports within stipulated deadlines, and handling key projects supporting business goals.
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