Digital marketing checklist: A mid-year business health check

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Congratulation! A half year has passed and you did a good job so far. For businesses that invested in Online Marketing, Mid-year is a good time to bring up your checklist, check off your successful tasks and plan a better strategy for the next half year.
But where to start?
If you have an analytics team or hire a digital agency the Digital Marketing Checklist will not be time well spent – because you’re already having someone take care of it.
So for those of you who do, sit back and relax.
But if you don’t have this in place, trust me, the results will help you plan a better strategy for the rest of the year.
For the first steps, we suggest you to collect all your online marketing campaign results. Dig up what online marketing strategies and tools you put money on and ask yourself, “How much was spent and what goals were achieved?” (By goals we mean Key Performance Indicators – KPI)
This information allows you to precisely measure the Performance of each campaign. Let’s answer these questions and find out how well your campaign performed.
Website Analysis
An official company website is the first channel that customers will find when they search for you and for what you have to offer. To analyze the website’s performance, you need the right insights that will tell let you know more about your customer. Specifically, what information they need and what products or services they want.

  1. Number of Website Visitors (Traffic) – Compare this year and last year.
  2. Number of sales and leads. (Conversion rate)
  3. Pages with the most traffic.
  4. Average time visitors spend on the website.
  5. Mobile and tablet traffic.

Social Media Analysis
Whether big or small, businesses need a strong social media presence. This creates the chance for much better communication between you and your customer.
Keep in mind that the performance of online campaigns is not only measured by online activity (Likes, Shares and Comments). But it is also measured in overall sales and brand awareness.
These elements will help you determine your own performance.

  1. Number of traffic social media drives to your site.
  2. Social media channel with the highest engagement and conversion.
  3. Number of reach and engagement your online content generated.
  4. Number of leads, conversions and sales year to date.

Content Marketing Analysis
If you really want to be effective when it comes to Online Marketing, you should have a strong Content Marketing Strategy. Content Marketing is all about the creating and sharing of online material. For example, creating a blog that targets specific keywords or professional subjects to drive traffic to your sales team.
When it comes to measurement, Google Analytics is an extremely effective tool to get insights into campaign’s performance, you’ll need to have a look at these elements.

  1. Most visited content pages.
  2. Content that generated the most conversions.
  3. Content that generated the highest quality leads.
  4. Time visitors stay on your pages.
  5. Average closing time for new customers, and if it is improving.

Key Takeaways
You still have six months to go – are you going to stay the course or shift direction? If your aim is to increase your profits, tracking technology will help you measure the effectiveness of your previous online marketing and allow you to continuously improve your strategy.
What do you need to add in and what do you need to cut off? This is the best question to ask if you want to make sure your online marketing is profitable.
Time is running short! Don’t miss your chance to adjust your strategy and work with a real online expert who has the expertise to actively plan and track all online success to align with your KPIs. Start today and grow your business.

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