Exploring banking industry trends that will completely change the second-half of your year

banking industry

The beginning of 2018 saw major challenges to the banking industry. This included various factors such as game-changing technology and even more competitive advertising.
So what will the rest of 2018 bring?
Google Trends, an ideal online marketing tool, allows you to update searching trends and explore what your competitors and consumers are actually doing…
Let’s see what’s a hot topic and what’s yesterday’s news in order to design a better marketing strategy for what’s left in 2018.
Digital Transformation: Alternate or Necessity
Google Trends shows that Digital Transformation or profound transformation of business by a mix of digital technologies has been trending for several years and still significant to the banking industry.
This information indicates that executives worldwide are facing a challenge because of Digital Disruption, everyone is looking for the innovative strategies to survive these rough times.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Customer Journey: Never overlook your customer
You’ll never make a successful Digital Transformation if you overlook the Customer Journey. The data below illustrates that search volume for the keyword, “Customer Journey” has crept up year after year.
This lets us know that executives are placing more importance on customer behavior and also do SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) analysis more frequently.

Customer Journey

Customer Journey

Are ATMs or Banks still necessary?
Some critics predict that Mobile Banking is going to substitute ATM and physical banks within a few years. But data from Google trends conversely indicates that the number of people searching for ATMs and bank locations has been increasing year on year. So if you’re thinking that the next great idea would be to move completely to mobile banking, think again.
digital banking trends
Here they come – Gen Gen Z!
There is a brand new target audience in town, can you guess who it might be? You might be guessing Millennials (age 23-39 years) since they’ve been perceived as a huge market with incredible purchasing power, but you’d be wrong.
If you guessed that it’s people born after 1996, you’d be correct.
Updated data from Google illustrates that a wide range of businesses are shifting their interest to Gen Z. In 2018, many marketers found themselves searching for “Gen Z” much more when compared with last year. At the same time searching for “Millennials” decreased by 25%.


GenZ VS Millennial

Digital Marketing Trends: Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing is a hot marketing trend to watch this year. It is a mix of content marketing and the art of communication via social media and SEO. This gives a high amount of value to potential customers.
This includes the use of Retargeting, a highly effective strategy that goes after customers that have already interacted with your social media or website. This keeps your brand in front customers long after they leave your website.
It is also noteworthy that Native Advertising or advertising that matches the look and feel of the specific device you are using has fallen in popularity.
bangking Trend
How does your future look?
We hope that all this information helps you plan a better marketing strategy for the second half of your year. With all of the data and experience that we have on hands here at Heroleads, our Marketing Team is getting ready for an exciting future.
We forecast that the banking industry will face crucial competition moving forward, the organizations with online experts to count on will find great success.

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