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Most of business which plans to jump start an online marketing put a Google Search campaign as a first priority and use Search Ads (campaign which allows advertising to appears to users when they search to particular keywords.) to expand their market. But did you overlook somethings?
Google’s GDN (Google Display Network) is another type of campaign which get an advertising banner in front of targeted audiences on websites or applications. The good point is GDN provides advertisers with the option to reach a targeted audience precisely by assigning some criterias so you can expect a better traffic and better sales.
What’s GDN and How good it is?
GDN stands for Google Display Network which refers to an image, GIF or banner advertising in various sizes. As marketers, you can assign particular GDN to appear on Google partner sites and applications, which now account for 2 million websites (Gmail, YouTube, Sanook, Kapook, Dek-D, Mthai, News Agency and etc.) and 650,000 applications across digital world.
These make GND reach internet users around the globe.
According to Google, consumers spend 21% of their time online searching but the other 79% of the time online is spent outside search across websites, mobile, YouTube, and Gmail.
That’s why GDN perhaps key for business to reach the targeted audience since it allows advertisers to reach prospects when they’re viewing a news video, playing a game on their phone or even as they check their email.
How to create effective GDN to reach a perspectives?
As mentioned earlier, The GDN allows us to build an advertising to an targeted audience and the feature that make it happen is ‘Interest Targeting’ which divide prospects into following categories:
Custom Affinity – the prospects who are looking for the products or services for a long period of times
In-Market – the prospects who are looking for the products or services at the moment
Custom Intent – the prospects who tend to convert to customers
Similar Audiences – the prospects who ever browse your website or buy your products before.
You know your customers now. Then for the next step, you need to apply GDN audience types based on your business goals as following:
Objective: Improve overall brand awareness
Heroleads Tip: Choose the right target by adopting Custom Affinity which reach the targeted audience who has been searching for your brand for a long period of time. Google pools together data from user search history, keywords used and website visits that gives marketers a better understanding to user’s behaviour.
For instances, ‘running shoes’ should appear before the runners who love to browse the sites or applications which related to health and fitness.
Objectives: Find an immediate sale
Heroleads Tip: In-Market Audiences is the key answer here since Google utilise sophisticated algorithms to differentiate “interest” from “intent” in real time and deliver ads to users close to conversion.
For example, Mr. A need a brand new running shoes and now he is searching and comparing for it. Google will catergorise Mr. A as “intent” and show your GDN before his eyes.
The mentioned case studies are the techniques which online marketers are using these days. Put the right ads to the right target is the key to grow your business, save your budget, find a new prospects and generate a better sale. Noteworthy that trial and error does not necessary in this process.
Heroleads is the data-driven performance marketing agency who save your time and budget by launching a tailored Google’s Search and GDN campaign to a real prospect. We are the official Google Premier Partner and our Google Thailand award-winning team put the right ads to the right target to make sure you achieve the expected ROI.

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