All Things Google: “Nearby Search” is a trend to watch

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Nowadays, smartphone is just like our core organ, it is so important to our lives that we can’t seem to live without it. Look at yourself, look around… we see many men and women chatting with their beloved, enjoying an online video or searching for their favourite products while travelling on the public transportation and that is the answer why online marketers, like me and you, should appear on their screen to seize this opportunity.

        As professional online marketers, we know that mobile search has outnumbered desktop search for a period of time… but, are there any secrets to mobile search that has not been unveiled? Today, Carlo Herold, the CEO of Heroleads, took the stage at All Things Google seminar to introduce to us this upcoming trend to watch called “Nearby Search” which is searches with location-specific phrasing like “near me,” “nearby,” or “closest”.
Search your closest shop with ‘Nearby Search’
      Carlo states that of those searches completed on mobile, 88% of them are ‘nearby’ searches and 76% of them travel to brick-and-mortar shops within a day of search. This phenomenon indicates that our consumers’ searching behaviour has been changing, previously consumers searched at home but now they are searching every time and everywhere, from street side and convenience store to lavatory, before rushing to the nearest store.

        Being there in the right time and the right place is the key to success in this consumer-centric age so Carlo suggests you to adopt the ‘3 Be’ strategies to maximise digital achievement.

Be There
      Once consumers bring up their smartphone, brands need to be sure that they are the first to appear to their customers’ eyes and, of course, the faster you pop up, the better selling opportunities you will be able to gain. Good news here is 90% of customers these days have no brand loyalty anymore so if they find you, they will buy you.
Be Useful
      Our consumers want to fulfill their needs in real-time and it is essential for brands to provide the relevant information when they ask for it. If you are able to be useful during that time means that there will be an increase in selling opportunities as well as increasing up-selling and cross-selling chances. However, the brands that fail to do so will most likely be punished and causing them to lose their leads forever since they found you to be unprofessional.
Be Quick
      When you successfully create the ‘need’ in their mind, approach them as fast as possible and terminate the complicated process such as the complex registration or ambiguous contract. It is noteworthy that regardless of the best web design and ease of navigation, if the website takes over 3 seconds to load, 53% of users will be more likely to close it down and switch to another provider.

       Did you read to the end of this article and find that it’s too complicated to start your mobile centric marketing strategy by yourself? At Heroleads, we have digital marketing specialists who are expert in ‘nearby search’ tools and we are also consecutively selected to be a Google Premium Partner for three years. Click here to consult us for free!

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