3 Online automotive case studies that nailed It!

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It’s undeniable that grabbing and expanding online market share is the top priority for many automotive firms looking to increase their revenue. However, searching for qualified leads online is not an easy task. It requires adaptation and challenges your former beliefs about marketing planning.
Sometimes seeing is believing, let’s go down the digital marketing road. We’ve reviewed 3 highly successful automotive digital marketing case studies to ignite your ideas about how to execute a campaign online. Let’s read on!

1.McLaren Shows Its Innovative Technology on Social Media
Talk about a supercar, everyone knows that this product definitely targets the high-end segment with exceptional lifestyle, taste and income. The problem here that McLaren’s marketing team faced is how to create online buzz since their extremely high end customers typically don’t buy supercars online?
They gave up on creating actual sales online but focus on making a better brand image and ‘wow’ experience instead. McLaren released the online campaign called “McLaren vs Aerodynamics” a series of the cars amazing aerodynamic features around its Spider model. This successfully caught the attention, not only of a geeky group of physicists, but also lifelong fans of the brand.
Their subscriber base of over 108K is surely the first group to see this campaign. The video that McLaren produced was shared, liked and commented on – suddenly it took on a life. In a very short turn around McLaren saw a measurable impact from the online campaign when they started processing the leads generated from all the buzz. They had fans from social media turn into purchasing customers of their supercars with prices starting at 6.4 MB.
2. Citroen and its world’s first crowdsourced car
When you went shopping for a new car, did you ever ask yourself, “Why was the tail light designed like that?” or “Can I possibly adjust the screen’s light”. Citroen was able to read your mind and launched a new campaign – “You Like It, We Make It” which invited customers to design its upcoming “Citroën C1 Connexion” by collecting information online from fans.
The marketing team at Citroën and their agency Brandwidth ran the crowdsourcing campaign on Facebook and invited fans to design the new model by posting all their desired features.
Obviously, Citroen got “Citroen C1 Connexion” as its new model, which selected the best from over 24,000 design submissions, and involved the fans in the brand journey. Calling out to the desires of car buyers. The best part was that Citroën managed to sell over 500 real cars after the first launch.

Photo : Facebook.com/CitroenUK

3. Auto Trader lets Twitter’s users decide the fate of SEAT Mii
Is it necessary for automotive brands to only show their innovative side? This brand decided to go way against the norm by launching a campaign that challenged the existing myth of online marketing.
SEAT Mii is a campaign that highly engaged fans with a bit of a stunt that created a viral buzz on Social media and created a new audience base.
The brand decided to start the campaign by hanging a SEAT Mii above the Thames river at the height of 35 meters. They then announced that they would allow Twitter users decide the fate of the car by using the hashtag #winMiiwithAT. Positive tweets would help raise the car and negative tweets would lower the hanging car towards the river.
Over 12,000 Tweeters used the brands hashtag #winMiiwithAT to decide the fate of the car throughout the day, keeping the buzz and the interest going. The campaign also drove approximately 14M visitors to brand’s various digital properties, not to mention the amazing free press coverage the SEAT Mii gained.

Photo: www.aol.co.uk

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