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Digital marketing expert: The rule to successful online marketing

Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, success
     A one-day exclusive talk on Digital Marketing Expert: The Rule to Successful Online Marketing was co-hosted by Heroleads and Google Thailand. This talk aimed to update the next wave of digital business and unveil the most effective online marketing strategy for growing your business. All panelist were true digital marketing professionals with direct experience in online marketing field. Who know exactly what it takes to make any business a success.      On behalf of Heroleads and Google Thailand, we would like to take this opportunity to give our deep appreciation for all participants who actively joined and shared with us during the event. We love to get direct feedback and hear exactly the types of challenges you are facing, and how we can overcome them.      For those who missed the exclusive talk, don’t be sad and keep an eye on our upcoming event which will be announced very soon. Below you’ll find the exciting topics that we covered. heroleads, digital marketing
1.A new perspective on digital marketing      Some online marketers believe digital marketing is all about buying advertising on the correct platforms. But there are far better ways  to go about generating quality leads online. One approach is called “Lead Generation” and another is a tactic that increases credibility towards your brand via “Influencer Marketing.” And you should never forget the importance of customer loyalty, something that can be improved with the right use of the correct online marketing tools.      Our seminar is an eye-opening event which explores the newest possibilities in online marketing. 2.Know digital, know your customers      The better you learn about your customers’ behaviour, the better possibility you have to increase your sales. In previous seminars, we explored the insight and most accurate data on digital customers’ behavior. It’s of the highest quality and is collected directly by Google Thailand, the biggest digital data storage of the world. That data matched with Heroleads Tracking Technology, enables the collection of extremely valuable information on customers and consumers across every industry.            On the panel, Khun Teerawat Khrewprivate, Digital Performance Marketing Manager at Heroleads, unveiled that Thailand has one of the highest potentials for businesses who use online marketing. This is because statistically, Thailand is a leader when it comes to smartphone and internet use. Thai people spend an estimated 4.56 hours per day on mobile. That explains why businesses should create digital assets to generate “need” and deliver faster service by cutting out any complicated processes.
heroleads, digital marketing seminar
Khun Teerawat Khrewprivate
3.Technology is good, even if you’re old-school      The online marketing world is changing every minute. Thus, Google can help you catch the fast-moving world by sharing the upcoming trends including “nearby searches” or the searching goods and service around users feature that lead to actual sales on brick-and-mortar shops. So even if you don’t have a product that sells online, you should still make sure you have a great online presence because this is what customers are looking for in 2018. 4.Meet real digital experts, ready to help      We’ve created this seminar to bring together some of the brightest minds in the field of digital marketing. Bringing together business owners with experts in the digital field to create an open forum. Giving everyone the opportunity to ask questions, listen to feedback, and get to know one another. We also have real marketing experts from Heroleads, and provide a business advice so that you don’t have to go through the painful process of trial and error alone.      Khun Pachara Chinnawong, Senior Digital Consultant from Heroleads, shared that many business owners these days create their own online campaigns based on common sense as well as past experience. But this is extremely risky and often times leads to wasted time and wasted budget. To maximise the effectiveness of any campaign, he recommended the Tracking Technology which is the essential tool for measuring the potential of particular campaigns: HeroBase supports marketers to overview the performance of the campaign while Call Tracking records the conversation between customer and your sales team. This allows businesses to understand customers’ need and improve their goods and service without guessing what is working and what doesn’t work.
heroleads, digital marketing seminar
Khun Pachara Chinnawong
5.Find business partners who deeply understand your business.      Some business owners don’t trust the power of online marketing. They believe it might be a waste in advertising on platforms like Google or social media. Just like paying for a newspaper advertising or a billboard, or any business decision, there is always a risk involved. However, with a real digital expert who truly knows your business and who knows the best strategy to create an online campaign you’ll soon have qualified leads and measurable results.      Before closing the seminar, we opened the stage for members of the audience to sit down and discuss their biggest challenges with our digital experts. Our Heroes check the health of their business, pointing out places to improve and opportunities that they might be missing. This was a big hit, and something that everyone who came truly loved.      At Heroleads, that’s what we are passionate about, the ability to give business owners the tools they need to succeed. We want to supercharge every business to grow and find new customers every day. With our experts, range of solutions, and data insights are ready to help with any challenges you might have, get in touch with us today and let’s get started. heroleads, digital marketing seminar

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Heroleads Google Awards
Heroleads Google Awards

Writen by Victor Fontan

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