How can you sell life insurance without being annoying?

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“I hate life insurance!”
This sentence is a stereotype that every life insurance agent expects to hear. Unfortunately, there is a little truth in it, the majority of Thais have a negative attitude towards the word, “life insurance company”.
They might feel annoyed, uneasy or even just reject you when they know you’re an insurance agent and want to offer them something (even if they already bought life insurance because they know how important it is).
Why do Thais hate this word that much? Do they actually hate life insurance, or something else?
Let’s say that someone gave you a life insurance package for free, I believe that everyone would be willing to accept it without any hesitation.
This proves that Thais do not hate life insurance but actually they hate (some) life insurance agents, in another words, they hate the way life insurance agents approach them.
How to make the best approach?
We can say that in the life insurance business, finding a good agent may be the key to success since having professional agents not only increases sales volume but also improves your brand image as well.
However, is that enough to keep your company on top with such fierce competition nowadays?
At Heroleads, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to helping life insurance businesses succeed. What we’ve learned is that having professional agents does not guarantee your success in our fast-paced world.
The recipe for success includes using the right tools to empower your agents that allow them to get in touch with the right customers at the right time with the right approach.
That tool is online marketing.
Online marketing brings agents to the right customers
Why are Thais unhappy to talk with life insurance agents?
Some answers might be because it doesn’t seem important to them, they might not feel they need life insurance. But there is one thing that always makes people unhappy – when someone tries to do a hard sell.
That extremely direct, forceful and overt selling.
Online marketing is different, it allows agents to communicate directly to their target market in a way that is informative and not aggressive. When customers today need a life insurance package, they will start with a search on Google to read reviews, compare deals, and find more information before calling an agent.
Here, Lead Generation and Search Advertising campaigns are the best options to allow customers to find you.
You can build a Landing Page to collect their contact information like their name, phone number, and email. With this information, your agents will be better prepared to approach your prospects and increase their chances to close the sale.
Online marketing let agents approach at the best time
Almost everyone waits to go to the doctor when they feel very sick. But no one sees the doctor when they feel great.
Likewise, customers buy life insurance packages when they are feeling insecure. People that are elderly typically purchase a life insurance package to make sure they will not be a burden to their family. Newlywed couples buy insurance to make sure they have a safe and bright future.
Online marketing allows agents to approach customers at the right moment by putting age or life events as criteria when launching your campaign.
Online marketing is the best strategy
Believe it or not although Thais do not have a good attitude towards life insurance agents, Google shows that agents are still the most influential when it comes to a successful life insurance business.
Customers will never buy you if they never speak with agents, whether by phone or face-to-face.
The best way forward is to supercharge your online marketing campaign to collect prospects’ contact data. After that your life insurance agents can call, negotiate, and close the sale.
At Heroleads, we have an online marketing team that has years of experience launching campaigns to pull in quality leads. At the same time, our call tracking technology allows you to monitor your teams’ performance every step of the way and gain even more insights about your customers and best strategies.

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