Real Estate: Don’t start a Google campaign until you learn these 5 techniques!

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  • Advertising on Google is an important online marketing tool for real estate businesses. However, without a well-planned strategy, your campaign might fail.
  • The most effective way to launch worthwhile advertising on Google, which generates conversions, is by choosing the right keywords, Ad Extensions and Optimization techniques.
  • Expert real estate entrepreneurs or investors, should not launch an online marketing campaign before consulting a real online marketing expert as starting in this way makes your success a foremost priority.

Many real estate entrepreneurs perceive Google Advertising as a ‘shortcut’ to searching for potential leads and closing sales easily but… is this true or simply a myth?
Pay Per Click (PPC) is an effective online marketing tool which can generate huge returns, however, using it without proficiency runs the risk of enormous financial losses for your brand instead.
In our long-running experience of giving valuable insight and solutions to leading real estate businesses, our online marketing experts found that many  such companies are able to create creative and touching campaigns, but fail to convert quality leads into conversion. They attract prospects but fail to earn any money from them.
Well… Don’t panic! Here we have 5 ways to make the most of your Google Campaigns:
1.Good Keywords, good leads
Keywords play a vital role in enabling potential leads to find you in searches. However, online amateurs who want to jump straight in to online campaigns on Google, usually make the mistake of using generic keywords (Broad Match) in the hope of reaching a broad audience.
So what should we do? Our marketers suggest that you should assign specific keywords (Phrase Match or Exact Match) and launch them to the right target. Remember, let only potential leads discover you through search, otherwise you will be wasting valuable budget on them.
2.Using negative keywords to filter potential leads.
Amateur marketers may not know how to use Negative Keywords to filter prospects. For instance, we successfully bring business to our client who offers 2-million-baht condominiums to middle-class residents, by launching a Google campaign with phrase match.
For the first week, our optimizer team found that the majority of users would click on our ads but they had actually searched for condominiums under 2 million baht; these leads are not quality and so never convert to sales.
Then, our optimisers assigned the following keyword: ‘800k’ ‘1m’ or ‘1.5 million’ as negative keywords. Users who search for these ‘under budget’ condominiums will never find your ads again so you don’t have to waste your budget anymore.
3.Ad Extensions—another interesting way to advertise.
Ad Extensions is a feature which explains more about your products and services to users. It effectively lowers bidding costs and raises Google search ranking.
Here, our optimisers recommend the best ad extension for real estate businesses: Callout Extensions which select the unique selling point (USP) and present it in the description. At the same time, Call Extension lets you add contact information and allows prospects to contact you directly.
4.Best advertising does not have to be top-ranking.
Do you need a huge budget and to reach a top rank on Google? Your common sense maybe say ‘yes’, but according to accountable research, advertising which precisely matches the customer’s interest generates better results when compare with top-rank advertising.
5.Check your remaining credit.
Add credit to your Google account before it runs out, otherwise your campaign is likely to end without your acknowledgement.
At Heroleads, our optimizer team monitor client’s campaigns 24/7. We check campaign performance by checking cost per click (CPC) and find an alternative strategy, such as A/B testing, keyword adjustment and rewriting headline to lower the CPC cost.
Lastly, Google tools are truly effective only once you have adequate knowledge of them. If you are aiming for digital success right now… you are well-advised to seek out real digital experts to handle the intricacies of online marketing for your real estate business.

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