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  • The Thai pick-up truck market is the 3rd biggest market in the world. It has seen growth even during the economic recession.
  • Customers search for their pick-up trucks in every moment of their buyer journey.
  • In addition to closing opportunities, Google Search Campaigns can also go viral and increase brand loyalty.

After passing an economic recession and several political issues, the Automotive market is making a great comeback this year with incredible growth. Experts foresee the fierce competition ahead and marketers need even more advanced business strategies to capture market share in this segment.
As we wrote earlier, Crossover SUV is a cut throat competitive segment which many brands rush in. But today, we will give you insights into another potential market; pick-up trucks. Some of you might have overlooked this market before, but did you know that Thailand is one of the top 3 world’s biggest pick-up truck markets?
It’s also only 1 of the 3 segments that has seen growth during the economic recession, that’s something to pay attention to!
Now you know why automotive brands never give up on the pick-up truck market, and why the competition will definitely get even tougher as time goes on. It time for visionary executives to find better strategic marketing solutions to survive in this red ocean.
At Heroleads, we have real experts in digital marketing that will explain Google’s Search Campaign and how online marketing tools can find you success along every step of the customer journey.
Why Search Campaigns are a must in the pick-up truck market?
Keeping in mind that most pick-up drivers are agriculturist who live in upcountry, they buy pick-up trucks for their business as first priority and traveling as second priority. Google stated that when people in upcountry are looking for a car, 30% of them would begin with searching online.
Surely, appearing on Facebook is necessary for automotive brands but it might not be enough because customers today make decisions online and pick up at the store.
They search for specifications, reviews, price comparison and also consult with family members. Then, they call a salesperson for special promotions and rush to the showroom to make a deal.
What can you expect after launching a Search Campaign? Here are 3 benefits it can offer.
1.Google’s Search find new prospects
A report from Google stated that in an industry with no clear winners like the pick-up truck market, it’s critical to be there when drivers are stranded or researching for specific models.
Thus, 43% of customers would search online on mobile or desktop every time they want to buy any pick-up truck. What are you waiting for? Appear there and catch these prospects right now.
2.Google Search Creates Viral Content
1 out of 4 customers who have a good experience with sellers tend to post their stories online in Facebook, blogs or on a forum.
That contents will go viral when other customers search for reviews on a model and make it easier for them to make a decision. (You also need to be careful about negative content, but that comes with the territory and you always need to put customers first.)
3.Google Search Create Brand Loyalty
When customers like your brand, 73% of your customers will keep coming back for their next car or other services like maintenance or consultancy.
Moreover, if customers lose your contact, Google stated that the first thing they do will search online for it again. In the case of automotive repairs, 40% of customers would search for online videos on DIY video before driving to service center.
Not using an Online Search Campaign leaves you at risk to lose market share in this segment. Consult Heroleads, and our experienced team will optimize your next search campaign today.
Drive your business to success and be a great leader in the automotive industry right now!

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