How do credit card companies launch impressive Facebook advertising?

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  • We are more likely to remember ‘images’ than ‘text’. To create memorable content, you need to create a stunning and catchy visual.
  • Facebook can connect its audience with outstanding visuals, but due to a ton of posts every day, users have very limited time for your content, before turning to another.
  • A good visual doesn’t necessarily require good graphics but indeed, they need to communicate precisely to the target audience. Facebook’s algorithms need to be taken into account as well.

Did you know?
80% of content is retained by ‘viewing’
20% of content is retained by ‘reading’
10% of content is retained by ‘listening’
That’s why you need to give priority to ‘visual’ information when creating any campaign,  and credit card businesses are no exception. Visuals attract customers and move them by creating a strong emotional response.
In the online marketing field, ‘Visual Social Media’ is a talk-of-the-town tool which allows marketers to reach prospects by image, video and graphics. Particularly, for campaigns on Facebook, you have a 2 second time limit in which to catch their attention, before they scroll down.
Up-to-date research shows that image-based posts on Facebook gain more LIKES when compared with other posts in the credit card business by 53%!
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Read this information and think it over again…  have you launched an effective visual campaign on Facebook yet? If the answer is ‘no’, our professional online marketing teams at Heroleads have some tips for you:
1.Check your visual: IN or OUT!
Visuals and fashion have something in common, they have a short life cycle. Thus, you need to check whether your image is on-trend or outdated before launching.
You may ask what’s currently in fashion? For financial businesses, we focus on motion graphics, videos and infographics because these visuals not only look very cool, but also simplify complicated information for your customers. Learn more about our favourite motion graphic content from Zero Financial or Time is Money and share with us what you find
2.Don’t forget Facebook visual rule.
A common mistake made by financial businesses launching campaigns on Facebook, without expert consultancy, is overlooking the platform’s rules. This oversight usually results in advertising that needs to be fixed over and over again.
One of the rules which many brands violate is ‘20% text’, which means no more than 20% of an ad image can contain text, otherwise you have to pay more for that particular piece of advertising.
3.Don’t know which one is more catchy?…A/B Testing definitely helps!
Have you ever hesitated when selecting an image for Facebook advertising? As mentioned earlier, image is very important for credit card consumers so you need to pick it carefully. But, when you search for images, you may find a ton of pictures like lovely couples, puppies and kittens, warm families and many more. It’s impossible to pick one!
What you need is A/B Testing, this allows you to analyse which image will perform best and so avoid making a less than optimal investment.
Anyway, please note that there is no fixed formula for advertising on Facebook, particular campaigns fit best with particular targets, so you need to analyse the targeted prospect well before creating any campaign.
Sound complicated? Well… shall we make it a lot easier by consulting with an online marketing expert? At Heroleads, we have a wealth of experience in providing consultation services to financial business.
Our planner team would pick the best channel for your tailored campaign, the graphic design team would create a stunning visual to attract prospects and  Social Media Optimizer team promise to bring your campaigns to the targeted audience with the lowest budget. Contact us and drive your business to the next level.

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