5 questions before planning 2019 strategy for insurance businesses.

2019 strategy for insurance

In 2019, online marketing will be even more difficult tasks for insurance businesses due to more complexity of consumer behavior in the digital world. Assume they are easy to handle as the last year and you will regret that.
According to our well experience of servicing online marketing to leading insurance businesses in Thailand, Heroleads has been learning that there are no fixed successful formulas for insurance businesses, yet ‘effective planning’ is the only way to advance businesses.
Here we have 5 checklists for insurance businesses which can be utilised as framework to check whether your businesses are on the right track or not? Read below and let’s kick start the fresh new year right now.
What is your position in the industry?
The first thing you should know before planning any strategies is where is your position in this industry.
Analysing this point allows you to understand the realistic business environment right now while SWOT analysis clarify the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of your company and don’t forget to do competitors analysis as well.
Try to approach everything with realistic mindset because all the information will be benefit to the next step.
What is your objectives?
Many insurance businesses started online marketing because of believing it is an essential tool for their businesses nowadays. However, they have no idea what are their real objectives: increasing sales, brand loyalty, image or else. Different goals require different methods so start nothing if you cannot answer this question properly.
How to give the best result?
The shortcut for the next year online marketing plan is repeating the similar processes you have done last year. However, if the information was not collected or organised in the right way, it will be lost forever when your employees leave their positions.
This is a good point when using online agencies since they do a report to you every month, evaluate overall performance intermittently and find out what is the best solution for your businesses.
At Heroleads, we have advanced technologies to help you collect all necessary data throughout campaigns and learn successful business strategy by reviewing our previous case studies.
What are mistakes we should avoid.
Failure will not be a failure if you learn from it. Launching a successful online marketing campaign is similar, you have to learn from the past. If your advertising on Facebook have a large number of reach but fail to generate clicks or conversion, perhaps you should adjust your targeting methods and create more attractive contents.
What you should do in 2019?
Reading to this point, we assume that you already know who you are, what do you want and how to achieve your desirable goals but it does not end there! The next question you should ask is how to handle increasing demands after launching touching campaigns? What is the best time to do so? And who going to responsible for them?
Paperworks and fieldworks are totally different so you need a well experienced expert to handle unexpected situations, trustworthy and skillful agencies are an excellent choice to cooperate here.  

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