Why big bike businesses need online marketing to stimulate sales

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Competition within the big bike and motorcycle industry is fierce during the last quarter of the year. At a recent Motor Expo there were more than 23 brands competing with each other to conquer the market share.
The big bike market declined year-on-year by 10-12% due to the previous loose credit policy and additional short-term promotions which had created an artificial demand in the market.
The most urgent question right now is how big bike businesses can turn things around to create real demand and sustainable growth during the global economic recession.
Relying solely on offline marketing might not be the best answer for this challenge…
Even the industry’s no.1 had to adapt.
Customer behaviour has been changing for a few years, from entering a showroom to searching online for information before making purchasing decisions.
That’s why Honda, the no.1 in the big bike market, officially announced that their advertising budget would be allocated to online marketing instead, and plan to educate and encourage their existing dealerships to start online marketing campaigns.
Offline and online methods cannot be used separately.
Do not overrate online marketing because you need both offline and online marketing to achieve desirable results, especially when you need to reach a premium, niche, market like the big bike market.
Touch Point is a key marketing concept to engage premium buyers and convince them to pay up to a million baht for your high-end products.
The executives of Ducati have said in an interview to the press that they have been adopting innovative technology into their marketing strategy for a long time.
Even the background music in showrooms was given great importance, they utilised AI to analyse which music best reminds their clients of the Tuscany region in Italy.
Triumph Motorcycle is another company which prioritises lifestyle event marketing to increase its sales and strengthen brand loyalty. However, there are weaknesses in this strategy, as there are only a limited number of showrooms and a large amount of money is required for holding an event.
To tackle the problems, Triumph put online marketing into its plan and allowed customers to reach virtual showrooms anytime and anywhere, that’s how they grew their potential to engage new prospects.
Accelerate to maximum speed
Keep in mind that entering a showroom provides customers with a ‘look, touch and feel’ experience because they can test drive, join activities and discuss with dealers on the site.
As a result, if we want to create engaging online showrooms, our developers need all-rounded information about customers. We also need online consultants to answer customers’ questions promptly-just like in a brick-and-mortar showroom-but on websites and social media platforms instead.
That’s why Messenger Marketing is an upcoming online marketing trend to watch nowadays.
(Read more – Messenger marketing the next frontier for business growth)
Another essential factor is the online community which allows big bike fanclubs to share information between each other, while hiring famous influencers to share their lifestyle, cool portraits and fun experiences will create a buzz and engage more audiences.
As you can see, the big bike market is booming right now, so get your offline and online campaigns ready to expand sales and brand royalty further. Start your campaigns with Google Ads to engage prospects, then bring in more audiences with Facebook Advertising.
Gain more fanclubs and incredible sales while your competitors are still stuck with old-fashioned marketing ways.
“Start now and reach your goals faster” this sentence can be used in grand prix as well as business battlefields.

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