5 reasons why real estate businesses need to invest in online advertising now!

online advertising for real estate

 It’s clear that the golden moment for real estate businesses to approach clients and hit desirable KPIs is now or never! So, let’s boost your spending and enjoy incredible results before the executives evaluate your performance at the end of the year. Here are the reasons why you need to launch campaigns right now!


1. An annual big bonus was given

Full-time employees, who are the main target for real estate businesses, receive their annual bonus at the end of the year, and soon they will have the incredible purchasing power to buy your house!

A survey from JobDB (Thailand) revealed that 39% of companies pay bonus to employees on December and 14% pay on January, while MarketitngOops.com pointed out that 25% of employees buy a new house with their bonus.


2. Government stimulus policy

The government has recently announced its annually stimulus policy for supporting real estate businesses, called ‘Ban Lan Luang’ or a million houses, by allowing Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) to offer loans for homebuyers with various promotions: lower interest rate (just 3% for 5 years), 4 special promotions, no service fee as well as a 40-year payback period. 

Obviously, this is an external factor which supports the real estate industry since it encourages blue-collar workers to buy accommodation instead of renting.


3. Time to change jobs!

Everybody wants to kick-start something new at New Year, so it is doubtless that  January is the top month when employees decide to quit their jobs. In the case of moving far away from the current location, the employees need to find new accommodation and this is the best time for real estate marketers to grab their attention.


4. Having a lot of public holidays, having time for research

There are 7 public holidays between December 2018 and January 2019, this number doesn’t include Christmas holidays for international firms yet.


Thus, this is the right time for homebuyers to have plenty of time to do a research and walk-in to explore their potential homes. Launching an online campaign to your prospects during this period will increase conversion rate.


5.  Concerns about price hiking

No matter whether the economy is performing well or badly, the land price never decreases…everyone knows this fact. Thus, reaching the end of the year reminds homebuyers about this truth and encourages them to buy a house now or be left facing a doubling of prices next year. Why don’t we boost our campaigns now and bring these targets to your buyers’ showroom?


Some say slow and steady wins the race but in the real estate industry, we cannot agree with this idea since the competitors will leave you behind.


Let’s start your online campaigns right now by consulting with Heroleads’ online experts. Here, we have real estate specialists who are eager to bring your businesses to success on the digital platform. Click the link below and explore new possibilities!

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