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During the last 3 years, Heroleads has been working closely with the leading real estate companies in Thailand, which gave us an opportunity to unlock new sources of growth and identify challenges that can be solved only via technology. We gathered insights from these companies and developed tailor-made solutions backed by our tech capabilities.
We have already introduced some of our proprietary technology tools in the past, such as HeroVision. Now, we would like to introduce our latest tech-tool, HeroPlatform, which is an extension of HeroVision and talks about the end-to-end lead journey from before to after click.

What is HeroPlatform?

HeroPlatform combines two modules, an internal and an external one. The combination of both allows customers to scale their businesses based on AI and sales enablement tools.

HeroVision is campaign analytics and leads management tool developed to help business owners to make better business decisions based on real-time data of digital campaigns.
HeroAI is Heroleads internal module, built to simplify the management of campaigns for the optimizers/ Account Managers on multiple channels through automation.
Together these two tools aim to scale the digital advertising operations for clients. Heroleads firmly believe that scaling the business is only possible through technology and this was the core for developing HeroPlatform.
Why HeroPlatform is the ultimate solution?
In the present digital era, businesses are more digital-savvy than ever and they are demanding more transparency & clear relation within results and spending. ROI has become the key metric of digital and a crucial part of any Real Estate project.
Also, the real challenge is not to generate leads and opportunities anymore. It’s to increase the number of customers out of those leads and sales agents need tools to make it happen.
That’s where HeroVision was developed, to provide the full visibility of your client journey and a toolkit for any sales team to don’t miss any lead.
However, Heroleads mission is not just to offer leads and nurture them, we rather focus on the full lead journey! And, keeping that mission in mind, Heroleads has developed HeroPlatform to track the ultimate journey: Before to After Click.

How will HeroVision help you?

1. Campaign Monitoring: Never miss an opportunity with HeroAI. It not only enables you to track your campaigns in real-time but offers you the following too

  • Omni-channel insights
  • Ability to monitor all digital channels in one place
  • In-depth landing page analytics
  • Detailed insights about your audience

2. Lead-to-sale Management: With HeroVision you can:

  • Turn leads into sales, customize your sales funnel
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Keep track of your leads and team performance

How will HeroAI help you?

1. Automated Cross-Platform Campaign Management: HeroAI helps in the creation of:

  • Positive/negative keywords analysis to improve better keyword targeting
  • User persona creation to better target users. (Demographics, Interests, etc)
  • Fueling cross-platform data: facebook & google ads data correlation to optimize and adjust spending on each platform

2. Campaign Forecasting: HeroAI helps to forecast

  • Overspending for the campaigns (Statistically predicts spending and adjust the cost accordingly)
  • The number of days & other parameters to achieve KPI
  • Overall campaign performance

3. Campaign Standardization: You will be able to standardize the campaign through

  • Campaign Planning
  • Generating Data Templates (like user persona, industry attributes, etc.)
  • Ruleset Formulation (like segmentation, industry-specific, demo-based, etc.)

What are HeroPlatform’s capabilities?

This is a very valid question! There are tons of digital marketing companies out there with so many fancy tools. Why should you trust HeroPlatform? Well, we will insist that you shouldn’t simply agree with us. But how about the statistics from the leading Real Estate brands who are actually your competition?
Here’s presenting our latest case study:

Condo for sale for 3 years Sold out in 3 months!

With HeroPlatform, Heroleads was capable of closing sales and expanding the business for one of the biggest real estate developers in Thailand. They had a condominium project (Privacy request from the client to not disclose the name) which had been open for more than 3 years, but sales were not up to their expectations.
Our Optimizer team used HeroAI to manage the advertising campaigns on Google & Facebook and our AM and client used HeroVision to track real-time results, lead management, and data analysis.
The result was that for around 200 condominium units, the client had led from over 500 customers, with over 40% leads being quality customers with the potential to buy. Finally, Heroleads was able to close the entire project was closed within 3 months!
This was possible due to an amazing collaboration between various teams through HeroPlatform. The key is technology. “HeroPlatform” is the perfect tool to think about the complete purchase decision of customers and collaborate the teams to provide the best solution to the client and accomplish the goal together.

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