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Every 9th month on the 9th day of the year (9th September) is a Shopping Day!  A discount event by all the e-commerce brands wherein they launch several discount campaigns to boost sales during the last quarter of the year. Let’s call it the magical “9.9” campaign.
Let’s look at some interesting stats.

  • Statistics from Shopee reveal that during this time of year their campaigns sold over 5.8 million orders! (which is almost 3 times the normal purchase amount)
  • Meanwhile, Lazada organizes this campaign every year across 6 countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. And they are able to sell an equal amount of products they sell in a month in just 1 hour!

These numbers are huge! Now don’t get excited yet since 9.9 is just the beginning of the shopping festival, which will continue until the end of the year, whether it’s 11.11, 12.12, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday until Christmas and of course the New Year.
So, the point is, if you haven’t planned a strategy or a 9.9 campaign, then you need to do it right away! These campaigns are an amazing opportunity for you to boost sales during these Shopping Days.
In this blog post, we will be sharing insights from Facebook and Google for 9.9 campaign strategy. Also, as a bonus, we are offering a FREE E-Commerce Calendar with you so that you don’t miss out on any important dates and plan ahead very efficiently. 

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Which Shopping days are the most profitable?

Statistics from Google show that online shopping is growing rapidly among Thai consumers. According to the stats in the past couple of years, Thai consumers spend the most amount of money on 12.12 followed by 11.11.
The mone spent grew the fastest on 9.9 among other shopping dates, with an impressive growth of 12% in 2018 in comparison with 2017.
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Which products are selling the most during Shopping Day?

The following 4 product categories are selling the most:

  • Health / Beauty
  • Mobile / Gadgets
  • Fashion
  • Home & Living Categories

In addition, Sports & Outdoor is another remarkable group, especially “sportswear” which has the highest growth rate.

How to increase your sales during Shopping Holidays?

Basically, the behavior of online shoppers is divided into 2 main stages: “Inspiration” is the phase where marketers raise the interest for customers to buy the products. 37% of people say that they are most likely to make the purchase online through Search, Social Media, and Online Videos.
And the next step is “Research”. In this phase, the consumer is looking for information about products. Over 47%  of consumers said that they are using the internet to find information. Well, maybe you knew this already. But do you know the right channels on the internet where the consumers are searching for your products?
(Read more >>> Everything you need to know! Before doing YOUTUBE VIDEO MARKETING and waking up the festive season with marketing through INFLUENCER )
Another interesting fact is that Thais usually tend to buy gifts 1 month prior to the festival. This trend has been confirmed by the search keywords about gifts in August for 9.9. You can expect a similar trend for the rest of the holiday season this year.
This means that if you want to boost sales at the end of the year, you have to start planning which products to promote starting now! Or you need to start consulting the agency that manages your campaigns right now so that your campaign can start on time. 

Key Takeaway:

  • 9.9 is one of the many Shopping Days which gives an opportunity to all the brands to significantly boost their sales. And this is just the beginning of the second half of the shopping festival for this year.
  • Consumers tend to make the purchase for the gifts one month prior to any festivals, which means that the brands must be prepared and plan their marketing campaigns right now.
  • Search, Social Media, and Online Video are some of the most successful campaigns to boost sales during the holiday season.

Begin planning the end of the year campaigns right now!

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