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Heroleads Thailand open house: An office where we want to work every day

heroleads culture
From a tiny home office with only 2 eager CEOs and a small group of passionate younger generation professionals, enthusiastic to reform digital marketing within the ASEAN, Heroleads has been growing by leaps and bounds, and today we are home to a hundred employees who, living in this expanded ‘home’, have a greater dream than ever. Knock on our door and be our guest… today, you have a golden ticket to take a tour of our brand new office. Enjoy! New home with a concept: “An office where we want to work everyday!” When it comes to opening a new building, no one is better suited to be our guide than P’Bell – Saowanit Chongpaiboon, Chief Operating Officer, since she is a senior colleague and head of the office relocation project.
heroleads, work, office
Saowanit Chongpaiboon, Chief Operating Officer
“We wanted to create a comfortable atmosphere which allows everyone to feel cosy and love to work here everyday. We chose high quality furniture to maintain the appropriate posture of our staff and painted the interior with light toned colour to represent nature and growth, since our office is located in the heart of the Asoke district, looking around to see greenery would make our colleagues feel relaxed and enhance their creativity.”
heroleads, work, office
Our office is located in the heart of Asoke, easy to access via both MRT and BTS
heroleads. work, office
Open space and a huge mirror allow viewers to enjoy the panoramic view. It’s our favourite.
Take a closer look, you might appreciate that we have tried to strike a perfect balance  between modernity and nature because we are digital agency that needs an environment which allows us to work creatively, but also efficiently.
heroleads, work, office
Choose your favourite place to work.
Design for the new-generation lifestyle. At Heroleads, our colleagues mostly belong to the new generation, aged around 22-35. Thus, the office was designed with this group in mind and we came up with 3 Keywords: Energetic, Technology and Culture. “The new generation has a ton of ideas and they want a place to reorganise those dispersed ideas, so we give them a writable partition in front of them, a whiteboard and even more meeting rooms to support their thinking and allow them to brainstorm more conveniently.” heroleads, work, office “We don’t focus only on KPIs, but also look for healthy and happy staff. Thus, we provided them even more relaxing zones, such as gaming, hammock and a coffee bar to relieve their stress. We believe that taking a nap in a hammock before getting back to work is a great idea to be more productive, that’s how we energise our colleagues.”
heroleads, work, office
Stressed and exhausted? Let’s take a sip of coffee, drink some soda and enjoy other refreshments!
herolaeds, work, office “Moreover, we also utilise technology, from the advanced internet network and smart lighting which allows you to control ‘mood & tone’ to Smart TV and a brand new meeting room booking system which lets everyone manage their time better.” heroleads, work, office Borderless office From our tiny home office to the current office, one thing that never changes is our culture that gives equality to everyone and welcomes every opinion without any bias. heroleads, work, office heroleads, work, office “Communication is key for our business, so we avoid complicating procedures by taking the physical barrier away from our office. Thus, we don’t have a partition between each department which allows everyone to speak openly. We also have a Town Hall which is an assembly point for everyone to get close, share their stories and ideas. Openness for every opinion is obviously a unique culture here.”
heroleads, work, office
The Town Hall is an assembly point for everyone. We have activities there to share ideas to each other monthly.
Surely, digital marketing is a trend in Thailand and has a huge opportunity in this region and that’s why our company has been growing by leaps and bounds. Seen our new office, working culture and want to join our team? Check out our vacancies by clicking here! heroleads, work, office See you on board soon, Heroes 🙂

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Heroleads Google Awards
Heroleads Google Awards

Writen by Rekha Rawat

Experienced Senior Marketing Strategist with a demonstrated history of working in market research and digital marketing industry. Passionate for both professional and creative writing as well as project & strategic management. Excels at creating marketing strategies, campaigns to execute strategic plans, making high-quality reports within stipulated deadlines, and handling key projects supporting business goals.
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