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18 situations, 18 impressions of Heroleads in 2018

Heroleads 2018
How was your 2018? For our Heroes, this was another incredible year filled with treasurable moments and memories, and we would love to share these with you. 1.4 year anniversary of Heroleads, from walking to running and taking the lead. Heroleads was established in 2014 by the two German executives, Mr.Carlo Herold and Tim Roemer, who shared a passion for introducing performance marketing to the Southeast Asia region. Up until now, we have been one of the fastest growing businesses in this industry and today marks the 4 year anniversary of Heroleads. We are sure to keep growing and running tirelessly. 2.Dedicated teams Did you know that Heroleads had only 4 employees when we started the business? However, with our dedication as well as achievable campaign performance, today we have around 130 digital experts on board. …It’s not only the number which increased, but also our dedication as well. heroleads2018_3 3.New base in the heart of Asoke This year we moved to our new office on 11th floor of Sino-Thai Tower in the heart of Asoke, which was designed according to the concept: ‘the office you love to work in everyday’. Balancing between innovative facilities and a relaxing atmosphere to inspire us and grant us creative ideas. 4.Reinforcement for growing As mentioned, our growth has skyrocketed this year so we needed to enlist new heroes to help us grow our business, such as a Marketing team to plan marketing strategies, Planner and Operations manager for the Influencer team, Tech & Innovation experts to develop online marketing platforms, as well as Financial and Corporate teams to create a business direction. heroleads2018_4 5.Heroleads X Google Thailand We are the Google Thailand premier partner and enjoy various benefits from this collaboration like joining exclusive seminars about brand new digital tools and trends. Moreover, Heroleads has  joined hands with Google Thailand to hold online marketing seminars to more than 100 executives and professional marketers across Thailand twice a year.

6.Emphasis on role of digital experts. This year, we were invited by many businesses to be their online marketing trainers and delivered digital knowledge. Starting with Autotech Night, we updated buyer and user insight for the digital era. SILMO Bangkok, the international optics and eyewear trade fair from Paris. Our heroes also delivered ‘effective sale closing techniques’  course to the staff of 7 leading automobile showrooms and we recently had a great opportunity to cooperate with an insurance institute to hold 2 major seminars ‘Digital Strategy for Insurance Business’ and ‘Insurance Digital Expert’. All activities enhance our online marketing position to our clients. heroleads2018_6 7.Prizes of pride From around 10,000 Google Premier Partner Agencies across Asia Pacific, Heroleads was selected as 1 of the 3 finalist agencies which have had outstanding campaign performance in 2 branches: Search Innovation and Growing Businesses Online at the Google Premier Partner Awards 2018 event, and, of course, we keep developing for an even brighter tomorrow. heroleads2018_7 8.Heroes go global Last year, our teams were invited to join the international digital marketing forums in many countries, from Singapore and China, to Vietnam. That’s because we do not aim to be no.1 in Thailand, but we aim to be no.1 in the ASEAN. heroleads2018_8 9.Joining hands with ‘transcosmos’, the gigantic technology firm from Japan. Heroleads formed a strategic partnership with transcosmos, the gigantic call center business and business process outsourcing firm from Japan. This corporation aims to provide one-stop-service digital solutions to our valued clients such as CRM, Contact Center, Chatbots, LINE, Messenger and e-Commerce services.   heroleads2018_9 10.Heroleads Town Hall We need the strongest teams in order to achieve impossible missions, so we organised Digital Savvy & Happy Lunch and Heroleads Town Hall activities, allowing our heroes to share their ideas and online strategies with each other. This open forum is another space for our heroes to share their inspirations as well. heroleads2018_11 11.Heroleads Digital Academy Heroleads never lacks digital genius. One of the factors making our company grow by leaps and bounds are our talented heroes who passionately work and willingly share their knowledge with colleagues. Last year, we had a 50-hours Copywriter Workshop and Facebook Optimisation Workshop for internal employees, while we organised an exclusive section for knowledge sharing. Heroleads2018_11 12.Heroleads and save-our-planet missions! ‘You need no superpower to be a superhero, just go out and do something good for the blue planet.’ Last year, our heroes joined mangrove reforestation activity at Baan Krong Kon, Samut Prakarn. This mangrove forest was severely damaged and had lost its fertility so Heroleads, as part of our beloved Blue Planet, had a vision to conserve it by reforestation in the area. We may be digitally savvy in the modernised world, but we never overlook how important our environment is.

13.Team lead offsite to develop thinking outside the box Great ideas come from anywhere so we organised Team Leader Offsite activities twice in Pattaya and on Samui. The objective of this activity is to brainstorm ideas from C-Level managers and push these to be the strategies in the upcoming quarter. heroleads2018_12 14.The bride of the year at Heroleads Yes! We work hard, but we love even harder. This year, our heroes had a great chance to join the marriage of our fairest girl, because at Heroleads we are not just colleagues,  we are also a family who are ready to share the memorable moments together. heroleads2018_17 15.Black Belt as the symbol of expertise Judo athletes will be rewarded the black belt according to their performance. Similarly, Google’s Performance Guru will reward their partners with coloured belts to celebrate their distinguished achievement. There are three level of belt: Green as basic, Blue as advanced and Black as ultimate. And Yes! We got the Black one. Applause! 16.Rising Star The rising star of the year was awarded to the influencer team for their outstanding performance, achieving their KPIs even before the end of the year. Wow! Our new team has extraordinary performance and we expect further surprises from them next year. Herolead2018_16 17.Heroes in Retro Our company talked a lot about the future, so our heroes created something new by holding our New Year Party with the theme ‘Heroes in Retro’. How wonderful was our party? Let’s check these photos below! 18.This year we ran, next year we jump! Together, all we have done in this year, including developing our team performance, forming strategic partnership and embracing our organisational culture, is why Heroleads has grown so fast in this year! The year is passing but we never stop developing. In 2019, we promise to prove ourselves even harder! Please wait and see!

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Heroleads Google Awards
Heroleads Google Awards
Heroleads Google Awards

Writen by Rekha Rawat

Experienced Senior Marketing Strategist with a demonstrated history of working in market research and digital marketing industry. Passionate for both professional and creative writing as well as project & strategic management. Excels at creating marketing strategies, campaigns to execute strategic plans, making high-quality reports within stipulated deadlines, and handling key projects supporting business goals.
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