Hero of the month: Our brand new segment!

Hero of the month

Hey friends!
First of all, thank you so much for all your love and support to Team Heroleads. We receive lots of lovely comments & messages every day and we couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you so much again.
We are super excited to announce that we are launching a brand new category in our blogs section. Also, this will be the most fun-filled segment and we bet it will be very helpful for everyone who wants to know more about our culture.
Now, time to reveal the suspense! Drumrolls pleaseeee!
Our new segment will be an amazing interview with the Hero of the Month! And it will be a Video Interview! Cherry on the top, right? 😉
Now, let us tell you a bit more about this award. Hero of the Month is an award given to the best-performing employee every month according to different categories. For example, the category for this month was “Innovation”. The Hero is selected based on anonymous voting from all the Heroes and the panel (management) takes the final decision.
For June, our Hero of the Month is Pongchrist Pesaratana. You can Call him Ken! Ken is a System Analyst in the Technology team and is loved by everyone in the company!
In this interview, Ken expresses his opinions about different subjects, including his dreams & passions, technology trends, the working environment at Heroleads and many other interesting topics. So guys, don’t miss out on this very fun interview and let us know what you think!
Let’s watch the video now! 🙂

And keep watching this space for more interesting blogs and new segments! We have many exciting surprises for you!

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