Everything you should know about YouTube Video Marketing

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Everyone knows YouTube, no surprises there! But as a marketer, do you really know everything you should know about YouTube video marketing campaigns?
We have compiled a list of top 7 frequently asked questions to help you out!

Q1. What is YouTube video marketing?

Ans: As the name suggests, YouTube video marketing is simply any marketing campaign in a video format on YouTube rather than the traditional image/ banners format.
Q2. Why YouTube video marketing is important?
Ans: YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine (after Google) with over a billion active users. Most importantly, video is one of the most powerful and popular formats in the current digital scenario.
In short, it is not just a good-to-have a strategy now, it’s a must-have strategy for any successful marketing campaign!
Q3. Should the strategy be different for YouTube video marketing campaigns?
Ans: The tactics and tools might be a bit different, however, the approach remains the same. Marketers need to identify and target the right audience, create interesting content, track the performance and optimize. Google Analytics the best platform to analyze campaign performance.
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Q4. What are some ways to optimize YouTube video marketing campaigns?
Ans: SEO plays a crucial role in campaign optimization. There are a lot! But some of the easy hacks to optimize the videos are:

  1. Pick an attractive and catchy title for the videos
  2. Prepare eye-catching thumbnails
  3. Write a brief and to-the-point video description
  4. Add hashtags! They are extremely important to spread the word
  5. And of course, ask viewers to subscribe

Q5. How to maximize conversion and overall campaign performance?
Ans: Again, there are tons of different ways to ensure maximum campaign performance. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Keep in mind the mobile-first approach
  2. Remarketing to people who have already seen the videos
  3. Live-streaming is an extremely impactful way to attract customers
  4. Add end-screens (you don’t want to forget an attractive Call-To-Action)
  5. And most importantly, be consistent in publishing your videos!

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Q6. Which are the most important KPI’s?

Ans: For any online campaign, there are a large number of statistics which can be tracked & measured. However, the key is to focus on the most important ones.
In the case of YouTube video marketing, some important KPI’s which must be tracked are as following:

  1. Conversion Rate
  2. Click-through-rate
  3. View-through-rate
  4. Number of Views/ Shares/ Comments
  5. Basically, anything useful to optimize the campaign 

Q7. Most importantly, can video marketing campaigns generate sufficient ROI?
Ans: The answer is a 100% YES (only if you have an impeccable strategy). This is one of the most trending online channels at present and has the potential to generate maximum revenue for you!
However, planning and executing a perfect campaign requires a lot of efforts, strategic mindset, and expertise! To help you out, Heroleads has a dedicated team for YouTube video campaigns and an excellent track record of running successful video campaigns!
Don’t forget to check out our YouTube page!
Also, we are sure you will still have many more questions. Please feel free to connect with Heroleads consultants’ anytime and they will make sure that you have all the answers you need!

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