The art of leadership online marketing as a strategy to grow the automotive business

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Digital disruption is altering the behavior of Thai customers. Recently, Google found that, 96% of car buyers use search engines to learn more about the car model before visiting a brick-and-mortar showroom. This means that online marketing is a true must for any company looking to be successful in the automotive business. With creative strategy and advance innovation, automotive businesses have the chance to get truly amazing results on the digital platform.
Strategy is a Compass to Success
The major reason automotive businesses fail to do online marketing is because they overlook how important strategic planning is and they also don’t start with a clear goal in mind.
How to tailor online marketing strategy for automotive business?
Step 1: Create a Buyer Persona
Buyer personas should be a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer. This should be based on market research and real data about your existing customers.
Businesses often overlook a buyer persona and fail to identify the real potential prospects, so they launch the campaign to a target that doesn’t truly exist. This turns into lost money and time.
Step 2: Set Your Objectives and Match them with the Right Tools
After knowing insights about your target market, such as searching behavior or pain points, marketers are be able to select particular tools to serve each segment. Remember, a different tool serves a different segment.
For instance, Brand Awareness and online community can be built by social media like Facebook. This is because it has attractive and powerful visuals. On the other hand, Google is excellent at converting searching customers into sales.
Step 3: Analytics for Measuring Performance
No matter what online marketing tool you adopt, the most important parts is that you must measure, optimize, and monitor the progress to avoid wasting your budget.
Advance technology nowadays, like Google Analytic or Facebook Analytic, allows automotive businesses to measure and optimize the online marketing campaign precisely by reporting the real-time statistic performance to its marketers.
However, if you find yourself overwhelmed with complicated data, Heroleads is the business solution provider. We excel in tailoring the best strategy for automotive businesses. Our tracking technology, called HeroBase, allows you to monitor your campaign’s performance 24/7 with easy-to-understand data.

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