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It’s not easy to find a ‘right job’ these days, but it’s not too difficult if you understand yourself.
You have to understand yourself to realise who you are, what do you like or dislike, what kind of job fits you well and what’s your goal in life. Moreover, knowing ‘your organisation’ is equally as important.
Knowing who you are, what do you like or dislike, what kind of job fits you well and what’s your goal in life will be important, but knowing ‘the organisation’ and understanding its culture and working culture will be equally as important since you cannot find these things in the job description.
Interested in any of our position at Heroleads but still hesitate to apply? Read this article and perhaps you can tell whether this job will fit you.

Our company culture doesn’t merely reflect what we do. It defines who we are.
This is not just a sentence but it accurately reflects who we really are.
At Heroleads, we believe that it is important to build the company culture and to recruit talented heroes who dare to challenge the impossibility. For those who do not share this value, they might say it’s a waste of time, but for us, we are empowered by this sentence and proud to be a part of this greatness.
Discover whether a job here fits you by exploring these seven beliefs in Heroleads as following.
1.Business is personal.
We believe that the key to growing a company is managing employees’ happiness, so we create a united working environment where everyone works hard and plays harder.
2.Our people is our brand.
Customers require a successful project, so we pick the perfect professional to create this success. If you have an opportunity to work here it means that you’re not “ordinary” but something special. For us, Finding the right man for our position is equally important as earning money because our brand is our people.
3.Trust and Transparency are non-negotiable.
The right information leads to right decision making so we encourages data sharing and transparency, both within our team and with our customers.
4.We prize principles over rules.
There is no “right” management style as each employee is going to have an individual perspective. Therefore, we let our leaders manage their teams independently and we dare to do so since we believe in them. We understand that sometimes, you need to break the rules to get the best result, but keeping the principles are still required to harmonise the company.
5.Our people speak the brutal truths.
Great company is led by people who see it as it is so we expect our team to make an open conversation, like speaking the brutal truths and bringing it to a discussion. By doing these, we can precisely improve our service to match our customers’ need.
So far so good?  If you say yes! That means you’re a definite fit to our open positions at Heroleads. Click here to catch up with us and secure your chance to be on boarded.

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