4 strategies to build a successful live video campaign

live video strategy

The rise of “Live Video Marketing” over the last few years have given content marketers a new powerful tool to add to their plan.  Live video is unique, interactive and effective but it also has its limitations like the other marketing tools so you should only use it when you fully understand the tool.  To achieve best results, experts highlighted that your plan should have the following four elements.

1.Audience building
Facebook notify your fans once you hit the “live” button to inform that someone they know is broadcasting. That’s more powerful over telemarketing because it’s a “call” from someone they already know. However, on the other hand, only a small share of the audience will be free to participate at that particular moment.

To solve this problem, before broadcasting any content, we suggest you to line up followers and tell them your schedule in advance, this way you will be able to achieve a more viewers participating in your live video. Partnering with other influencers or admins and ask them to share your content is another excellent idea to grow up both his/her and your audience.

What you say on your live video broadcasts will be important, how you say it will be equally as important. Every elements on your video reflects your brand image and this includes the moderator, background, situation, excerpt and more.

Therefore, before you start planning your live video content, you’ll need a good understanding of the nature of your brand.

3.Relationship Building
Live video is an ideal marketing tool for matching the interaction between brand and audience. Thanks to its real time broadcasting, audience members get to hear their name spoken by the brand they admire when being asked a question or something as simple as a greeting. This way, creating an online community doesn’t seem that difficult anymore. Moreover, this online community will be able to sustain in a long-term with the right techniques.

4.Calls to Action
Looking in the past, the benefits of social media content are often vague like “branding” or “marketing”. It is only through the use of Facebook’s analytic that marketers can pick up data and relate it to measurable ROI, tracing sales back to campaigns.

Now, Live Video is even better since it convinces your audience to purchase your products at that very moment. Do not forget to write Call to Action phrases into your script such as “Register now!” or “Phone us!”. Do these and you can see how engagement turn to income.

And that’s how to produce stunning Live Video on a Social Network. Is it too complicated? At Heroleads, we have a professional team who is able to drive your live video campaign to success and effectively change your engagement into measurable ROI. Contact us now if you have need some help. It’s free!


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