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What first comes to your mind when you think about Germany? Trust me… 80% of you think of German beer as the most important aspect of the country, but there is a lot more to it than that. German working culture is something that has kept this country and the people there as one of the top innovators and exporters in the world (Think Audi, BMW, Volkswagen.)
So, how do Germans work?
“Make Me a German”, is a popular documentary film that aired on the BBC in 2013, it invited a British family to stay in Germany to be immersed in the culture. They learned how to do things the German way.
Of course, one of the episodes is all about the German working culture. It showed that Germans have a serious approach to their 8-hour work day. That’s right, no using Facebook, LINE or sending private e-mails. That would be inefficient and isn’t the type of approach that leads to great outcomes.
But don’t overlook the “work hard, play harder” mentality. Germans keep focus at work, but once they clock out it’s time to have fun. Sunday is the real rest day and you might also be surprised to know that Germany has the most number of public holidays in Europe.
We might say that their working culture is ‘do less get more’ by focusing on performance as first priority.
At Heroleads, we are a German organization built by two Germans who were eager to bring Performance Marketing to ASEAN region.
To achieve it, we passionately recruit staff from various countries to be part of our multinational teams and create an international atmosphere that allows us to learn from each other.
The following are 5 of the top things you’ll learn while working inside the international environment we’ve build at Heroleads.
1. Power in Diversity
None of us are alike, that’s a fact that we all know. At Heroleads, we embrace diversity and the differences. But we take it a step further, we learn and understand from those differences. We understand each other by sharing a vision and goal for the future, this improves our ability to work together, and ability to come up with better ideas which brings everyone on the team closer together.
2. Speaking Honestly
Thai culture makes us avoid giving our opinions openly and directly. This is especially true if the person is in a higher position in the organization or older than us. However, at Heroleads, we are a flat organization. This means that we don’t have a big hierarchy, in fact, we fight against that. This gives everyone the opportunity to admire and listen to every single opinion, whether given by someone young or old, assistant or CEO.
3. English Language is Key, Don’t be Shy
Surely, working here will enhance your language ability because we mainly communicate in English. If you want to improve your English, this is the place for you. We encourage every staff to improve their English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. And if you want to go beyond English, you’ll also have the chance to learn a third language like Chinese, Indian or German from a native speaker here on our team.
4. Embrace New Tastes (Hint: International Food!)
Our breakroom is never lonely, that’s because our refrigerator is always filled with international food from around the world that our foreign friends bring in after visiting their hometown. Enjoy luxury chocolates, cookies, German jelly or seasoned crispy pork from Singapore. (Just make sure you don’t eat it all before sharing it with some of your friendly colleagues)
5. Care About Your Customers (From Thailand and the World)
It should go without saying that we care deeply about everyone that trusts us with their business, this is the reason why we’ve had the pleasure to continue creating long-term relationships.
Furthermore, a large percentage of our customers are foreigners, so we are looking for talented individuals with a good command of English. At Heroleads, you have the chance to work with international clients from around the world. Of course, it might be challenging at the beginning, but learning and making that part of your skill set will allow you to work anywhere in the world.
What are you waiting for? If you want to be part of a great team, the opportunity to be heard and the opportunity to learn each and every step of the way. Don’t miss your chance!
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