A day in the life of a Social Media Marketing Specialist and the never-ending challenges

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Over the last 2 years Heroleads has seen a great deal of growth. I dare to say that today we are the fastest growing Data-Driven Performance Marketing Agency in the ASEAN.
Behind the scenes of our performance optimiser team is a backbone who manage the  online campaigns very effectively to drive us and our clients to success. Not only are our clients more than happy to see the results, but our team members also improve themselves by tackling all the challenges and growing stronger.
Kat-Charintip Puntri, Senior Social Media Marketing Specialist, is one of our distinguished heroes who started with us from the beginning. Today, she is gonna share with us how she makes her job fun and how to continually improve herself.
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What does a social media marketing specialist do on a typical day?
Basically, we manage our clients’ accounts on social media platforms, from briefing to production, to answer their needs, their objectives and their targets’ interests. After analysing all the information, we launch a creative campaign to particular targets.
These things are all about marketing and technique because we need to analyse who our target market is, how they behave, and how our creative campaign can catch their eye.
What’s the fun part for this job?
I feel happy when I try to figure out what is the best way to help our clients to get the best result they’re looking for. We share a common goal with our customers and really engage with their expectation.
What’s the career path for this position?
I used to be a copywriter and handled social media monitoring beforehand, I had never had direct experience in advertising, but I decided to give it a try since being a copywriter made me feel lost. I believe that once in a lifetime everybody has to experience losing themselves, doubt who they are and lose faith in their ability.
However, Heroleads gave me an opportunity by sending me to learn with Facebook, that impressed me a lot so I am dedicated to my job with heart and soul.
To handle this job, you need wide-ranging knowledge. Not only about advertising optimisation, but also skills to work with the other departments to allocate the budget. I had never experienced these things before but was happy to embrace these challenges.
Heroleads, digital marketing, social Media, Marketing, Specialist, Facebook, work
Atmosphere at Heroleads.
Perhaps most people believe in the stereotype that working in advertising agency must be tough or stressful, but at Heroleads it’s totally different. Every morning, we wake up to work with joy because our teammates are here to solve all the challenges together.
Moreover, as a performance marketing agency, we measure every result with empirical data so we can avoid any misconceptions caused by emotional involvement and subjectivity in our work. We bring out the facts to discuss, find  resolutions, and conclude it. There is a sincerity in the Heroleads style.
What have you learnt from working here?
A lot! Here, I learned the essential skills for my profession. I never ever get tired of this job. From the first day here, this job has given me the chance to see new clients and face new challenges. After tackling all the problems along the way, I have grown stronger and now share this knowledge with my juniors. Doing this makes my life feel worthwhile and I value it.”
Did you find this account touching? This is a great opportunity for you to become one of our team. We currently have vacancies for many positions that will allow you to learn advanced technology, work in a non-routine lifestyle and enjoy challenging tasks everyday.
The qualifications of the applicant: Firstly, has a deep interest in social media, secondly, is eager to learn new things and lastly, loves to share and help each other out. If you’re the one, don’t hesitate to contact us now!
Be our hero and check our vacancies by clicking here
Heroleads, digital marketing, social Media, Marketing, Specialist, Facebook, work

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