5 digital marketing trends that health insurance can’t afford to ignore

health insurance

Whether a bad or a good economy, the medical bills are never discounted!
That’s why nowadays, the younger generations are much more concern about their health than before and the visionary insurance businesses aims to capture this market.
Here, we consolidated all 4 digital marketing trends for health insurance businesses that you cannot overlook in order to overcome the fierce competition for this segment.
    1.Lead Generation: Do Less, Gain More
Lead Generation is a trend to watch right now and it’s a perfect marketing tool to find new leads for health insurance businesses. This year, health insurance marketers needed to focus on finding quality, not quantity, leads and that’s obviously not an easy task. You may need to invest more time and budget to do so but trust me, it’s worth!

  1. Video Marketing: The Trend Lasting Forever

Popularity in Video contents will never die out,  researchers found out that Landing Pages and social media feeds with video content experienced better conversions by 80%. So, Heroleads forecasts that this is the year video content will boom for health insurance businesses… are you prepared yet?

  1. Native Advertising: Dramatically Increasing Usage

By 2021, Critics foresaw that the value of Native Advertising will skyrocket by 74%. Native Advertising has the strong point as relating itself to other advertising which makes your content more trustworthy, beneficial and won’t feel like a sales pitch.

  1. Content Marketing: Content is a King

Customers these days care much about their health and are searching for information to stay fit. Here, irresistible health and wellness content will feed their hunger so you need to figure out exactly what they need, and keep standing out from the crowd to be at the forefront of their minds.

  1. Time to capture Millennials market.

Younger generations these days plan for life before retirement earlier and prefer to stay single. Although they have a family and children, many elderly isolate themselves from their kids and that’s why health insurance is now worth having.
There is high rate of internet usage among younger generations. So,
the insurance businesses that are capable of understanding their real demand and offer suitable solutions will easily gain their trust and loyalty; and then they will not hesitate to like and share your contents to drive it to be viral online.
Don’t be left behind! Start your online campaigns with the real digital experts today and get one-stop service solutions to drive your health insurance brands to success.

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