Facebook Tips—How to get new clients in the real estate business

Facebook tips for real estate


  • Many real estate owners mistakenly believe that advertising on Facebook can, at best, create awareness. In fact, Facebook can generate conversion if you use it with the right strategy.
  • Professional online marketers prioritise advertising on this channel since it precisely and directly engages the potential target (with Audience Targeting features). The more precisely you optimise your campaign, the more sales you will earn
  • Setting Audience Targeting has no fixed formula, so you need a real online marketing expert to analyse and figure out which ‘target’ is indeed a real prospect for your business.

Over the past year, Thai real estate businesses have increased their online marketing spend by 100%  Why? Firstly, many owners realised that consumer behaviour in the property market has been changing and secondly, online marketing performance is measurable.
The most effective online marketing platforms for real estate businesses  are certainly Google and Facebook, and they both have clear pros and cons.
However, many real estate entrepreneurs hold the mistaken belief that advertising on Facebook can create awareness at best and only Google can generate conversion via its Search Campaign.
Social Media Specialists at Heroleads are here to bust this myth!  They point out that your Facebook campaign will likely perform better if you know how to target a campaign correctly via the Audience Targeting feature.
The more precisely you optimise your campaign, the more sales you will generate.
Read the following tips that our Social Media Specialist utilise to optimise and empower your Facebook campaigns now…
Tip 1: Get leads by catching their interest.
Favourite websites or latest read articles are the best hints for marketers that want to gain client insights. Facebook features allow you to target the potential prospect by filling in ‘Interests’.
One technique we use when launching a campaign is targeting those who follow Home & Condo website. Why? It’s clear that those who frequently visit this site are more likely to have an immediate demand for homes or condos.
Tip 2: Find prospect that can afford.
We know that real estate owners (especially in high-end projects) are looking for leads who can afford your property.
Thus, our social media specialist will launch a high-end product campaign to an affluent market by setting Job Title to highly-paid positions, from manager to business owner. Doing this generates better conversion than launching to a generic target.
Tip 3: Sometimes, it’s all about lifestyle
Real estate property these days surprises its residents with innovative facilities, like robot cleaners or 3D gaming rooms, and focus their interest on a narrow market. This challenges the optimiser to figure out how to approach these niche markets.
In our case study, Heroleads had a great opportunity to service a real estate developer, who partnered with iStudio to build a condominium with advanced Home Intelligence Technology as its unique selling point.
After the briefing, Our Social Media Specialist knew immediately that generic targeting wasn’t the answer for this case.
We selected more than 2 tips to solve this case. Firstly, we set the target to iPhone users, then we set the interest to those who favour a real estate and technology. This gave us a very specific criteria to make sure the business does in fact reach their prospect.
The Result? Our clients find more potential leads and pass them to a salesperson to close the sale.
Like we said, advertising on Facebook not only creates awareness but, as long as you use it with the right strategy, it will generate a great number of conversions for you.
At Heroleads, we give priority to our client’s requirement, take buyer persona into account when analysing business, and select the best time and platform before launching any campaign.
As an official partner with Facebook, we are privileged with updates to brand-new marketing tools before anyone…Contact us and find out how our dedicated team brings real estate businesses to success.

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