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There’s nothing hotter than ‘credit card’ business competition in this moment as they have to deal with many challenges, such as fiercer competition as well as digital disruption. What are the online marketing strategies each brand embraces? Here, we have concluded the key points for you.
Kasikorn Bank Thailand: new digital features, add value to credit card.
Last year, Kasikorn Bank successfully lifted up their brand awareness via “Friendshit” campaign in video marketing as earning 64.8 million views and winning 11 agency awards.
Kasikorn Bank revealed that this year they will capture customers in every segment by focusing on social media engagement to close the gap between brand and customers.
Now, the brand offers exclusive and privilege benefits to customers who register a credit card via online and a social media channel … this brand is obviously unique and worth watching this year.
Krungsri: create ‘Brand Love’ to enhance image
The significant challenge every credit card business has faced is a lack of brand loyalty and clients having more than one card at a time. So, Krungsri First Choice aims to solve this challenge by launching the campaign ‘You are my first’ on both online and offline channels and the hashtag #YouAreMyFirst on the posts.
Nethertheless, Krungsri First Choice aims to concentrate on Generation Y more by developing its digital platform to engage new generations and launching the digital lending feature on U Choose application, available in the second quarter this year.
Thai Commercial Bank: focusing on ‘music + influencer marketing’ campaign
Thai Commercial Bank announced that they will dedicate 50 million baht budget to SCB JCB PLATINUM which is exclusive credit card for the new generation.
The stunning strategies Thai Commercial Bank brought out are 100% digital credit card registration and ‘Music + Influencer Marketing’, as bringing ‘The TOYS’, renowned pop singer and music composer, featured with ‘DJ ONO’ and ‘PimTha’, Thai net idol, to sing ‘Mee-Ther-Took-Wan-Gor-O-Ni’ and lift up brand image towards the new generation group.
This brilliant strategy enabled the  brand to enjoy 10 million views on YouTube!
Even though this is the beginning of the year, we have seen many credit card businesses bring out their best strategies, from generating social media engagement to focusing on new generations via music marketing or influencer marketing, to rock the industry.
There are even more challenges to come in the future so keep an eye on and adapt yourselves swiftly to survive the digital battle

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