4 online marketing tools to boost sales for your real estate business

online marketing for real estate

As real estate marketers, do you have an online marketing plan for the rest of the year?
If you say no, you’re taking an enormous risk.
The chances of losing prospects and actual sales without using online marketing is a reality. If you don’t find a way to adapt and use online marketing as an effective tool to reach the right target with the right budget, you’re going to regret it soon.
With our rich data and years of experience our team at Heroleads has the skills you need. We’ve been trusted by nearly a hundred real estate projects and have discovered the best 4 online marketing tools which can greatly improve traffic and increase your real estate sales.
1. Catch visitors with Google’s tools

87% of real estate customers search before making a purchase, so Google Search is a tool you can use to reach your target audience.
We can call this – “First they find, then they Buy.”
Online marketing experts adopt Search Ads campaign to convert visitors into customers by putting the right keywords which align with visitor’s interest and the product for sale in order to generate website traffic.
Next, make sure you have a great Landing Page (The first page which appears after clicking an advertisement) that provides convincing information that will convert users into leads.
Finally, make sure to use remarketing (a type of online advertising that helps your brand get in front of potential buyers after they have visited and left your website) which turns leads into customers and boosts sales.

“For Google Search, some marketers bid on a generic keyword, such as ‘Condominium,’ because they might have seen there are a huge number of people searching for that term. But actually, we should put a city name or country name in the keyword as well so that we can get in front of prospects searching for condominiums in our area – not someone on the other side of the world.”
-Prapairut Meechai, SEM Specialist Manager.-

2. The Power of Facebook (A Must!)

Over the past few years, Facebook hasn’t communicated much about real estate. However, Facebook is the key online marketing tool to generate ROI for real estate businesses. With the incredible amount of users in Thailand, you will find an updated features that allows you to exclusively target Thais.
The strongpoint of Facebook is that it creates a large amount of Brand Awareness since it is a perfect choice for creating community and memorable visuals. The increased Brand Awareness will bring customers into your sales office and lead to signed contracts.

“Facebook allows you to choose your target very specifically because they can pull in a ton of customer’s information from every dimension. Then, you can be more effective when you launch your campaign.”
Jiraporn Ruksri – Social Media Specialist.

3. Don’t overlook YouTube, a hot channel this year

Many Digital Gurus forecast that Video Marketing will be the hottest trend this year.
Due to the incredible growth of smartphone users and a new generation that watches 1/3 less TV as they watch online, YouTube reported that it has 1.3 billion users across the globe and an average 30 million views per day.
With numbers like that, advertisers have to consider YouTube when it comes to your next advertising channel. Especially as property videos are highly effective when it comes to closing the deal with buyers.
Learn more about advertising on YouTube >>> Click here.
4. Increase your Sales with Lead Generation

“Lead Generation” is an effective technique to find new prospects through the use of an online marketing campaign. Utilizing Google, Youtube, Facebook, or another platform to then bring traffic to a landing page.
After visitors come to your landing page, they fill in their name and contact to get something in return, such as a special promotion or discount coupon. If you’re working in real estate or any other business you’ll be able to collect that information and forward it to your sales department, who will have a much higher chance to convert them into a sale.
In fact, Heroleads is a pioneer in Lead Generation. With a wealth of data and experience in online marketing, we’ve partnered with various real estate businesses over the years.
Whether big or small, to grow their business and generate their expected ROI, which to has often lead to a double or triple return.
Next Steps

Everything we’ve went over gives you the chance to take any one of these online marketing tools to get closer to your goals.
But don’t forget, there is no fixed formula when it comes to online marketing. At Heroleads, we are online experts who are eager to tailor the right online marketing campaign for your real estate business, providing tangible results that will exceed your expectations.

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