Influencer marketing Connect the right customers.

We connect you with the right brand ambassadors, helping you build and manage impactful partnerships that boost business.

Heroleads asia influencer marketing, We connect you with the right brand ambassador

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And acquire your customers on the right channels with Performance Driven Media, and take the huge advantage of the 2020 uptick in Thailands increased online activity.

87% of Thai shoppers read reviews before purchasing

75% of Thai marketers are spending more on influencers

7x ROI from Micro-Influencers when joined with more Influencers

11x ROI fro influencer campaigns compared to usal digital campaigns

Heroleads asia influencer marketing, We connect you with the right brand ambassador

Reasons to invest in Influencer Marketing


We research, understand client’s touchpoints and then use creativity to provide best strategy to client


We have huge database and a platform heroIC that helps in finding the most strategic Influencers


We provide consultation and manage end-to-end campaigns with fast service with the aim to fulfill client's needs and expectations.


We have Influencer marketing specialists and well-trained planners and project managers to take care of campaigns.

Leverage your influence via the Cloud

Explore the world of social Influencers with our Data-Driven Influencer Platform.

Enlarge your reach with HeroIC

HeroIC, our proprietary all-in-one solution platform that offers a real-time dashboard for clients to manage their campaigns. The platform provides detailed campaign reports that help in planning the campaigns for future. It also offers detailed data about the Influencers that makes it easier for Heroleads to select the most strategic Influencers for any campaigns.

Find Influencers

We conduct an in-depth research to find the best Influencers that suit your brand's profile and then create a strategy.

Create a strategy

From your marketing objectives, we craft an influencer marketing strategy that best matches your business goal.

Execute campaign

We run the campaign and do a full-loop influencer management to brief, execution, and track performance from influencers.

Track performance

With Hero Influencer Cloud, we allow you to fully track your campaign performance as we provide periodically campaign analysis report.

Hero case studies

Hear directly from our partners how Heroleads has met their objectives.

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Edumall Thailand

Educall is the biggest educational online platform in Thailand. They aimed to promote online courses and had a primary goal to boost brand awareness. Heroleads successfully implemented influencer marketing to generate over 40 leads, in which Edumall was able to close 8+ deals.

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Top Fight Muay Thai

Top Fight Muay Thai has two brand new, state-of-the-art, 5-stars professional boxing gyms located in the heart of Bangkok. They wanted to expand their reach and increase their brand awareness on online platforms. Heroleads implemented successful Influencer marketing campaigns to boost their followers & acquire new customers.

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Across Southeast Asia and internationally

Frequently Asked Questions

Via facebook, you can collect facebook name, phone number, email, and other pre qualification information in the chatflow.

You can use your own business’s Facebook Messenger inbox or Line account to engage with the leads.

We build flows based on customer’s interactions. Our chat bot sends the data from the customer’s replies into our CRM as lead data. The client can then export this lead data and focus on customers with specific choices; for example higher budgets, specific branches selected, etc.

No, we can only collect data that is asked in the chat flow. Additional data will not be collected or recorded e.g. location, personal information from Facebook profile (except for their name).

Using our chatbots, you can send images, map locations, and send links to external pages. You can collect and verify email and phone numbers. The chatbot is on 24 hours.

We can create flows which direct a visitor to the needed external pages while capturing their contact details so that you can contact them as per your available time. This way the customer is also getting the information they need as compared to a negative experience of not having anyone to respond.

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