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Talk to the online gurus: How to brief digital agencies for real estate businesses


“They’re not just a customer, and we are a team”

Want to know the secret to how Heroleads drives our real estate businesses to online success? Find out in this article as we discuss the key points to success with some of our staff. Because we are a team,  we share a direction. Because we are a team, we do everything to achieve team objectives. Everytime, our ‘Teamness’ starts with a mutual understanding and shared vision. To make it simple, we kick start every project with a ‘discussing’ or ‘briefing’ which allows us to work smoothly with our clients. So, what are the topics brands and agencies ought to discuss before the start of any project? Mimi-Palida Visesthanakorn Account Manager Team Lead and Kat-Charintip Puntree Senior Social Media Marketing Specialist of Heroleads Thailand are here with us and they are more than ready to indugle your curiousities.

Agency Briefing is the Best Start

Yes! Every agency knows something about your businesses, but it’s perhaps just general information such as location, price and promotion. So, you need to let them dig deeper by sharing with them business insights: vision, strategy, USP and anything else that is key to your business. The perfect online strategies depend heavily on your collaboration as well. What should you share before starting the campaign? Mimi – For an account manager who is responsible to take  good care of the whole campaign, we need detailed information about your projects such as: type of housing, location, room size, number of stories, price, etc.. All are essential to strategic planning, graphic designing and content writing because every condominium is different and require different communication strategies. Kat – As an Optimiser who is in charge of campaign performance management , we want to learn not only the ‘Strengths’ but also the ‘Weaknesses’ of particular projects in order to overcome them. For example, even condos in an unattractive location (far from public transportations such as BTS or MRT) is a weakness, but we can possibly overcome it with advertising about their shuttle bus service. Competitor analysis is another topic we love to share with clients as well. Why we need competitor analysis? Mimi – First of all, I would like to make it clear that offline and online competitors are perhaps not the same. Let’s say we are Huai-Kwang condominium and we bidded for ‘Condo close to BTS’ keyword, our competitors are then not other residences in the Huai-Kwang area, but rather any condominiums who bidded for the same keyword instead. After competitor identification, we thoroughly research  and make some sense of their campaign strategies and promotions, as well as their unique selling point (USP). To win this battle, of course, we need to launch a more attractive campaign. Competitors’ Facebook pages are another source we can use to research and plan our strategies. online marketing, guru, real estate, agency, facebook, google

Prepare the necessary materials for campaign creation

One of the significant topics our clients always overlook is the well-crafted ‘instrument’ created from excellent materials. So, our partners are required to provide the best ‘visual’ materials, such as pictures or video clips, in order to allow us to create successful campaigns. How are ‘visual’ materials important to campaign creation? Mimi – It’s no doubt that online campaigns attract audiences with visuals so the powerful pictures will make them stop to read our content. There is a stark difference in terms of performance when real estate businesses utilise ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ illustrations. Some visuals look great on an offline platform, but terrible when they go online. So, we always ask clients to share with us their Company Identity (CI) and adapt it to our campaigns. Kat – The progress of a project is also another topic to take care of. Some businesses overlook existing customers and fail to update them about the progressing construction. In some cases, the client didn’t even start building but they need us to launch conversion campaigns. Sound impossible? But we made it happen  using a graphic image instead of a text-only campaign. Some clients cast a doubt on our execution so we launch A/B testing to prove which one is the best for their businesses. online marketing, guru, real estate, agency, facebook, google

Important! The understanding of online media characteristics.

Real estate businesses were the very first industry which jumped into online marketing but most of them do not own an exclusively digital marketing team and fail to create an optimised campaign. Some gave up halfway through due to a failure of understanding the characteristics of online media. What should you expect from online campaigns? Mimi – For a newcomer to the  real estate business, I would like to explain that customers need some time before making any decision. Thus, prospects will not make immediate decision once they see your campaign. At Heroleads, we’re not only creating an online campaign but also tracking every progression such as Online Leads, number of showroom visitors and sales. For those who have years of experience, adjustment is required before starting. Heroleads emphasis is on quality, not quantity, of leads. We bring walk-ins and increase sales. That’s why we will always be the at the top of the digital agency industry. Kat – What clients can expect from an online campaign is measurable results. Starting from the beginning, clients can track every performance of particular campaigns. This is the advantage that online media has over offline media. Another one is precision. Your ads can be launched to anywhere and anyone on earth and knock a customer’s door directly. These things we can guarantee. As we have talked with Mimi and Kat, you can obviously see that every campaign needs great effort and dedication from both parties so an effective briefing will help us all. Brands have a chance to share their vision while agencies can make some sense and ready themselves to plan the best conversion campaign to achieve clients’ KPIs.

Start your digital transformation.

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Writen by Rekha Rawat

Experienced Senior Marketing Strategist with a demonstrated history of working in market research and digital marketing industry. Passionate for both professional and creative writing as well as project & strategic management. Excels at creating marketing strategies, campaigns to execute strategic plans, making high-quality reports within stipulated deadlines, and handling key projects supporting business goals.
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