RLSA: The new era of marketing campaigns for car dealers

Heroleads RLSA for Car Dealers

Traditional marketing for the automotive industry is slowly fading now! The car dealers are willing to spend thousands of dollars on online campaigns which will give them maximum ROI in minimum time! And as per the current digital scenario,  the best solution is RLSA.
With RLSA, Heroleads has been able to deliver excellent results for many clients. For example: Volvo MW Motor One was able to overachieve the ROI by 120% & KPI by over 300%!


Let’s answer the basic questions now!

  • What is RLSA?

RLSA or Remarketing List for Search Ads is a way to customize the search campaigns to target the audience which has already seen your website

  • How RLSA is different from other Remarketing campaigns?

In simple words, a remarketing campaign focuses on the display network and RLSA focuses on the search network.
For example: A visitor searched for a car and he navigates to your website which pops up in the search results. For instance, if he leaves the website, any remarketing campaign will later show him ads related to your cars.
However, an RLSA campaign will make your website pop-up in search results whenever he searches for a similar keyword. 

  • Why RLSA is crucial for car dealers?

Let’s be honest here! Even if your product is exceptional, chances are that the audience will probably not convert in the first time! Also, in today’s highly competitive digital world, you can not simply rely on keywords!
Top 3 RLSA strategies for Car Dealers to SAVE MONEY:

  • Target only RIGHT audience!

Marketing campaigns can eat up a lot of your money! So, the key is to save money wherever you can. With RLSA, you can show your cars to only the audience who has visited your website earlier. This increases the chances of conversion while saving money! Brilliant hack, isn’t it? 

  • Bid on RIGHT keywords!

Bidding on generic keywords is an expensive deal and doesn’t guarantee many conversions as well! RLSA provides you the flexibility to put your money on specific keywords since you more qualified audience now.
For example: If you a client saw a Honda Jazz ad on your website recently, then you can bid on “Honda Jazz car” keywords rather than just “Honda cars”.

  • Customized campaigns for NEW VISITORS!

These campaigns are perfect for an audience who has never visited your website and doesn’t know anything about the cars you offer! This lets you bid on your brand name, which is a great practice to increase your traffic (thus conversion) while staying ahead of the competition.
For example: companies like Intel & Zendesk have used remarketing strategies to increase their conversion rate by 30%
Bonus Tip for Car Dealers!
It can be extremely confusing to choose the right online strategy for car sellers. Let us simplify things for you! If your objective is to ensure that you spend money on the customers who have shown interest in your cars already, then go for RLSA!
RLSA is all about second chance! You are targeting a set of customers again, so don’t shy away from playing with different strategies. But, beware! Don’t blow up this chance! You might need expert’s assistance here and that’s why we are here!
To make things easier for you, we have created a detailed whitepaper on the current digital scenario and upcoming trends across Thailand.

Download the free copy HERE!

Heroleads is a data-driven performance marketing agency dedicated to empower your online marketing strategy using “state-of-the-art” technology and a professional team.

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