Top 3 insurance types your customers are looking for in 2019!

Top 3 insurance types in 2019

The Insurance sector is growing at a robust pace across the globe and the Thai market is gradually catching up as well. The competition is intensifying at a lightning speed with the entry of tons of companies offering different insurance types every year.
So, as an Insurer, how do you keep up in such a fast-moving market? We are sure your goal is not just to survive but to win your customers and beat your competition! Isn’t it?
Well, in that case, you can’t afford to miss crucial market trends. You must be alert about a very basic aspect, which is the key to your success: WHAT is your customer looking for?
In this highly digitalized world, everyone is online and that’s where your customers are! Google search has all the data that can change your fate. To help you out, we have identified the three most popular insurance types among your customers.

Now let’s jump right into it! Per Google Search Trends, your customers have looked up for the following three Insurance types the most over the past year!

1. Car-Insurance
No wonder this one tops the list! A strong Thai GDP along with the rapidly rising disposable income of consumers has resulted in a steady double-digit growth of car sales since 2017. The car sales in Thailand is anticipated to cross over 1 million units in 2019!
You must be wondering how these statistics have impacted the car insurance policy growth?  Well, motor insurance has dominated the non-life insurance category over 50% market share over the past couple of years. Some of the most searched insurance companies are AXA, Muang Thai, Viriyah, and AIG.
2. Health Insurance
Thailand is one of the fastest aging countries in Southeast Asia, with almost 20% of the population anticipated to be over 60 years by 2021! These figures surely justify the huge number of people looking for a good health insurance policy.
Many popular digital platforms are making people’s lives easier for searching, comparing and choosing the right policy. This trend has also resulted in increasing collaboration of Insurance companies and digital marketing agencies.
The Insurers are relying more on digital marketers to develop more innovative digital strategies to attract more customers.
3. Travel Insurance:
Thailand has always been a very popular tourist attraction. The industry witnessed aggressive growth resulting in a record of 38.2 million tourists in 2018. Bangkok has also emerged as the most visited country in the world!
Furthermore, the Government’s initiative to mandate travel insurance for foreigners created huge potential for the market.

Per Google Search stats, the popularity of travel insurance has increased substantially over the past few years. More and more companies are relying on attractive online campaigns to attract a large pool of potential consumers.

There are plenty more insurance-related keywords and trending searches which are of utmost importance! Hence, if you are one of the many Insurers looking for an impeccable strategy to sell your products, then we are here for you!
Heroleads has generated outstanding ROI for the many leading insurance brands. We don’t ask our customers to believe in what we are saying, we rather let our proven track record and huge client-base speak for us!

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