Heroleads X Google Ad Grants: Ending violence against children through digital power

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“True Heroes do not have any special powers. They just use the power they have to create good things for others. Anybody can be a HERO. “

HERO is an integral part of Heroleads brand identity. We call ourselves online marketing heroes since we have “information” and “technology tools” as our “special powers”. Our mission has been to use these powers to help businesses overcome their obstacles and grow faster.

And now we are embarking on another great mission. We have taken a pledge to educate the society about the serious problem of violence against children. We are joining hands with Google through a special project called Google Ad Grant to create awareness about children’s rights.

What is Google Ad Grants?

Google Ad Grants is a project set up by Google to help charitable foundations succeed in driving their mission. This gives digital advertising companies, like Heroleads, an opportunity to support different charitable foundations. Google provides a certain budget to the advertising companies and they spend the advertising budget on different Google Search Network campaigns.

The objective of these campaigns is to ensure that the foundation’s website appears on top search results on Google Search Engine, thereby creating an opportunity for them to receive financial, volunteer, and any other form of support in the future.

Why is it crucial to support the foundations working on violence against children?

Let’s look at some stats. As per the data from OSCC and The Ministry of Public Health- Thailand, the number of children and women violated increased from an average of 55 per day in 2016 to 58 per day in 2017. The number has been increasing ever since.

The Foundation for the Protection of Children Rights is an NGO established to help and protect the children who have been a victim of psychological or sexual abuse or have been forced into labor against their will. This foundation offers legal assistance, social work as well as rehab for these children. However, at present, the foundation lacks the budget and resources to support them in achieving their goals.

How does Heroleads support the Foundation?

As an online marketing service provider operating in Thailand, we understand the importance of taking responsibility and being a part of society. We believe in actively shaping the future of society using our digital powers. This is the reason we participated in the Google Ad Grants program and chose The Foundation for the Protection of Children Rights.

Heroleads digital experts will plan an impeccable online campaign using Google Ads and Lead Generation for the foundation. The objective will be to make it easier for people to find the Foundation’s website and contribute any kind of donations or even apply as volunteers.

How does the power of online make a difference?

Heroleads_Google Ads Grants

We started the project in August 2019 and just within a month, Heroleads Google Search ads helped increase the number of users by up to 50% to the Foundation’s website. Even though we have just started the campaign, these numbers confirm that every person is capable of creating “special” things for others. You can do that as well!

After the Google Ads & Lead Generation campaign, we also plan to use social media tools to raise awareness and increase donations and support for the children. 

How you can contribute to this worthy cause?

Please search for the “Child Protection Center Foundation” and click on the website to see what kind of support you can offer. Even your smallest contribution can help these children have a better quality of life.

Let’s create a better world for the children together!

Heroleads is a data-driven performance marketing agency dedicated to empower your online marketing strategy using “state-of-the-art” technology and a professional team.

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