How Heroleads drive better results for clients by optimizing the upper, mid and lower funnel marketing budget?

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Our client, a leading telecommunications company, has a business-to-business (B2B) unit that offers corporate clients a range of services. Although they have a strong market presence, converting potential customers into paying customers is a challenge. They approached Heroleads for help in developing a full-funnel digital marketing strategy that would enhance brand recognition and attract customers while keeping costs low.


In the past, the client had relied primarily on traditional digital marketing approaches targeted towards allocating budget on the lower funnel. Even though the client had a steady stream of inbound leads, their conversion rate was relatively low due to uninformed leads, resulting in missed revenue opportunities and more work for their sales team. Our goal was to identify areas that can not only improve lead quality but also increase conversions.


Heroleads Full Funnel Digital Marketing strategy achieved remarkable enhancements in both the quantity of leads and the conversions generated for the client’s lower funnel.

We assisted the client in achieving the following results:

1) Enhanced Lead Quality: The upper funnel investments in awareness campaigns, enabled the client to target and attract a larger pool of high-quality leads. The educational content we created made it easier for clients to understand the offerings thus improving the overall lead quality.

2) Increased Conversion Rate: Engaging with prospects at the upper funnel stages fostered stronger connections with potential customers, resulting in a 40% higher conversion rate.

Comparative Analysis of Full-Funnel Marketing Campaigns
JAN-JUN 2023


1) The implementation of the refined full funnel investment strategy has led to a substantial 25% QoQ increase in the number of leads generated.

2) Specifically, the Cost Per Lead (CPL) has decreased by 20%, indicating improved efficiency in lead generation efforts.

3) With minimized spending in May, the lead count continued to grow.


The strategies focused on three key components:

1) Enhance Marketing Strategy and Gain Awareness through Upper Funnel Investments:
The Heroleads team recognized the significance of the awareness stage in the buyer’s journey and understood the importance of making a strong first impression to capture the audience's attention. To achieve this, we devised a top-of-funnel marketing strategy that included detailed customer mapping to create more touchpoints for potential conversions.

Our approach involved several key elements. Firstly, we focused on generating educational and problem-solving content to help the client address their customers’ concerns effectively.

Secondly, we established precise objectives and closely monitored key performance indicators (KPIs) to gauge the influence of our marketing endeavors, culminating in a notable 40% surge in impressions and link clicks. This enabled us to assess the effectiveness of the top-of-funnel strategy and identify areas for improvement.

Moreover, we developed a comprehensive content marketing strategy by creating a company blog that provided valuable insights, industry trends, and best practices related to telecom solutions. We also produced whitepapers, case studies, and ebooks that addressed common pain points faced by B2B clients.

Additionally, our upper funnel investment approach allowed the client to advertise to broader audiences while using META and website tracking data to classify them. For lower-funnel campaigns, we targeted only the highest potential audiences, ensuring efficient budget allocation.

By applying these tactics, we assisted our clients in boosting their overall marketing effectiveness and achieving superior outcomes throughout the buyer’s journey.

2) Lower Funnel Tactics to Increase Conversions:
The marketing funnel’s bottom stage demands meticulous planning to convert leads into customers. Recognizing this opportunity, Heroleads focused on enhancing the client’s lead management and communication to generate more qualified leads. We proposed personalized attention tactics, ensuring seamless collaboration between the sales and marketing teams to address specific inquiries and work more effectively together. Additionally, we suggested enticing prospects with free trials and limited-time offers to prompt action.

By implementing free trial periods and time-sensitive promotions, we created a sense of urgency, encouraging swift conversions. Through valuable content creation, our client maximized conversion opportunities, optimized their marketing funnels, and built trust and credibility among potential customers. As a result of these efforts, the conversion rates saw a significant 40% growth, leading to higher customer acquisition and revenue growth.

3) Balanced Upper And Lower-Funnel Marketing, Crucial for Marketing Growth:
Throughout the campaign, Heroleads continuously monitored the performance of each upper and lower-funnel tactic. We analyzed data, tracked key performance indicators (KPIs), and made data-driven decisions to allocate the budget effectively. In cases where an upper-funnel strategy wasn’t bringing desired results, we tweaked the strategy while maintaining a minimum budget to ensure brand visibility. In addition, successful lower-funnel tactics received increased investment to capitalize on high-converting channels.

By striking the right balance between upper and lower-funnel marketing investments, our client achieved remarkable results. The client experienced a significant increase in brand recognition, heightened visibility, and improved social media engagement metrics. Furthermore, this advancement was underscored by a significant 40% upsurge in the conversion rate, accompanied by a substantial rise in organic website traffic. Lower-funnel strategies led to improved conversions, translating into increased customer acquisition and revenue growth. Moreover, our client’s holistic full-funnel approach allowed them to maintain a competitive edge in the telecommunications industry, outperforming many of their competitors. A crucial outcome of the balanced strategy was sustainable growth, resulting in long-term benefits.

In conclusion, our client’s full-funnel marketing strategy, combining upper-funnel investments to enhance brand awareness and lower-funnel tactics to increase conversions, proved to be a successful approach. By finding the right balance between the two and continuously optimizing their efforts, they achieved significant marketing growth and maintained a competitive edge in the telecommunications industry.

Our digital marketing campaigns can help you develop a strategic plan and set you apart from the competition. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you maximize your success!

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