How these 3 advanced technologies are empowering Thai E-Commerce

Thai E-Commerce

Google, Facebook and Line are the popular platforms Thais use the most. However, Did you know which platform is the best for Thai e-Commerce businesses and generate ROI and sales?
Recently, ETDA has released the Value of e-Commerce Survey in Thailand 2018 which is an  in-depth interview of more than 3,000 SME and Enterprise entrepreneurs.
The research pointed out these 3 advanced technologies which are empowering Thai enterprises (those generate up to 50 million baht turnover per year ) are growing consistently.
1. Big Data
All entrepreneurs agree that Big Data is vital for analysing customers’ behaviour and leads to sharp product strategy planning. Whereas, 92.85% of them utilised Big Data to plan the marketing strategies in the future.
Foremost, 30.76% have spent up to 5-10 million baht to research through Big Data, reflecting their strong interest towards this innovative technology.
2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Majority (76.93%) of all enterprises have researched through AI technology and up to 69.23% of them have adopted Chatbot CRM to provide better customer management and service. Plus, 23.07% has brought it to improve an insurance claiming system, notification processes as well as daily operations. While, 15.38% utilised Big Data to reach customer insights.
In total, entrepreneurs have spent less than 1 million baht or 38.46% of their overall budget to develop AI technologies.
3. Online Marketing
Nowadays, Thailand is a home of many digital agencies and various digital platforms (Line, Facebook as well as Google) which enables businesses to penetrate through niche markets precisely, especially the teenage and white-collar segments.
So, “What’s the best platform to advertise goods as well as services, to maximise ROI and sales to entreprises? for e-commerce”
30.61% said Facebook,hile 29.93% turned to Google Ads/ YouTube Ads, 14.29% said Line platform and 13.61% found Ads Network/ Banner are the best.
Why Facebook is no.1 right here?
Obviously, Thailand was ranked 8th as the country with the highest number of Facebook users (around 52 million users), and the number tends to increase in the future. So, e-Commerce businesses are required to adopt advanced technologies to improve offers.
Heroleads foresaw these trends and dedicated to developing Herovision, an end-to-end solution platform which enables e-Commerce businesses to close sales more effectively, and synergise Online Campaign Analytics and Lead Management to maximise enterprise success. These innovative technologies allow entrepreneurs to manage their campaign on both online and offline platforms.

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