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E-Commerce tracking: Measure your results and profitability quicker now!

Heroleads E-Commerce Tracking
If you are using a website to operate your business,  you may have some of these questions in your mind…
  • Which channel do my customers come from? (Facebook, Google, etc.)
  • Which of my product is the best selling?
  • How many sales are made on each of my products?
  • Which payment channel do my customers prefer?
  • Which delivery channel do my customers prefer?
Now, can we ever know the answers to these tricky questions? The answer is Yes! With E-Commerce Tracking, you can know all of these answers! So, what is E-Commerce Tracking? E-Commerce Tracking is a tool for tracking the behavior of your customers who make a purchase from your website. Heroleads_E-Commerce Tracking This data helps you in efficiently improving your products and services on your website for better profitability. For example,  
  • After running advertisements for 1 month, what kind of products do my customers purchase? And how many items do they order? This data will reveal your advertising profitability. After that, you can simply adjust and expand your future plans.
  • Which channel do my customers prefer? You can utilize this information to develop a promotional strategy. For instance, your customers will get free EMS delivering fee if they purchase for THB 500.

So, Quit Imagining Things and Let Google Analytics Help You to Measure Your Actual Results and Profitability

Google Analytics is an important tool for E-Commerce Tracking. It enables you to gather in-depth statistical data from your website visitors. Also, this data further helps you to understand your customers’ buying behavior and track the number of transactions. All of this can be used to analyze and improve the customer shopping experience on your website.  5 Key Metrics to Measure Performance:
  • Products: Which products do my customer purchase? How much do they order? And most importantly, how many sales are made?
  • Check out: How many orders are made on my website?
  • Payment: Which payment channel do my customers prefer?
  • Transactions: How many sales and products are made in each transaction?
  • Revenue: How much is the average order value for each order?
Heroleads_E-Commerce Tracking Average Order Value (AOV) Another important tool for E-Commerce Tracking is the Average Order Value (AOV). You can get this number by taking your revenue and dividing it by the number of your orders. In other words, the higher the AOV, the better sales & profit! In a Nutshell Truly understanding your consumer behavior will enable you to analyze which direction you should proceed in the future for maximizing the number of transactions on your website. Moreover, the secret technique in marketing planning for every online business comes from regular data gathering, at least once a month. Therefore, if you are able to
  • Gather and analyze this data
  • Identify which items should be put more focus on
  • Specify which subjects should be improved, and
  • Figure out the possible solutions
We ensure that your business shall robustly expand and grow by leaps and bounds.

Writen by Thanyaporn Khaopo

Thanyaporn is a Communication Arts Bachelor's Degree-holder and works as Associate Web Analyst at Heroleads. She specializes in; website tracking, landbot, interactive dashboards, Power BI and GA.
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