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Heroleads claimed excellence agency award from Facebook Thailand

Heroleads Facebook Award

Heroleads kick-started  new year by taking the ‘Facebook Agency League Best Practice Adoption Award: Gold’, the top prize Facebook Thailand awards to the best performance agencies of the past year. The judging criteria are as follows: 1. The performance of advertising campaigns on Facebook 2. Expertise in using Facebook advertising tools to meet client’s’ objectives 3. Creativity and effectiveness of Creative Ads.

Heroleads_Facebook Award

Pornpen Kaewsaeksun, the Head of Operation who is responsible for the Facebook Optimizer team of Heroleads, explained all about the Heroleads working standard that ensures the best result for clients.

Heroleads’ online marketing teams manage  campaigns on a daily basis, starting from analysing in-depth data and using insights to optimize the campaign. Every objective has a measurable metric to ensure the very best performance in both qualitative and quantitative ways.

“Thank you Facebook for awarding Heroleads the Best Practice Adoption Gold Award. This is an honourable prize for our dedicated and hardworking Specialist teams who never stop sharpening their online marketing skills.”

Heroleads would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to every partner as this prize does not only motivate us but also proves that our performance marketing is the best way to drive client businesses to success in this fast-paced digital world.

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Heroleads Google Awards
Heroleads Google Awards
Heroleads Google Awards

Writen by Rekha Rawat

Experienced Senior Marketing Strategist with a demonstrated history of working in market research and digital marketing industry. Passionate for both professional and creative writing as well as project & strategic management. Excels at creating marketing strategies, campaigns to execute strategic plans, making high-quality reports within stipulated deadlines, and handling key projects supporting business goals.
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